What Makes a Good Lacrosse Goalie?

A good lacrosse goalie follows all the rules of the game! They get their equipment and gears ready and jumps in the field. But is that enough? Do you need any other thing to make a good goalie of yourself? Today, we will learn what makes a good lacrosse goalie and how you can be one of them!

Whenever it comes to a sport like a lacrosse, the first thing that you can ask for is physical fitness. And for a Lacrosse goalie, physical fitness should be at the peak. But more than physically looking strong, a goalie should faster body. Yes, we are talking about quick feet first.

If you want to be an elite goalie, train your feet to be faster than ever! When you need to stop the ball from getting into the post, your feet should be quick and you have to move fast! With quick feet, swifter hands are also necessary. Lacrosse isn’t football.

And so, you need your hands too to hold the lacrosse stick! To move the stick and guard the goalpost, you surely need quick hands. In short, all we can say is the faster you move, the better! Your quick body movement will stop the ball. If you are slow, you can’t catch it! Can you be faster than the ball? Okay, at least you can try!

Hand and Eye Co-Ordination

Alright, so your feet and hands are already fast. But if your hand and eye co-ordination are not perfect, how can you catch the ball? The sharper the eyesight, the better your guarding position will be! When the ball gets into the goalie stick, it can be a little tough to see it.

If you don’t have good eyesight, you cannot see the ball inside the goalie stick of your shooter. Then how can you prevent the ball from getting inside the goalpost? This is when you need better eyesight. And when you have better eyesight, you have to move your hands according to what you see.

Only good eyesight will help you see. But if you cannot move your hands faster according to what you see, there’s no use of the clear view at all! So, make sure the hand and eye co-ordination are perfect! Otherwise, you will react late to the shots. There’s no use for the late goalies, isn’t it?


Sports are not easy and lacrosse is not going to be too! And so, if you are not competitive enough, you cannot plan to win the race! As a goalie, it’s your job to protect the goalpost. And this is one of the most challenging jobs, we presume. But if you tend to give up, you cannot guard the goal post.

You have to be on the field the whole time. Yes, you will go through physical pain and mental ones too. But you need to be ambitious enough to stay in the competition. No matter what’s pulling you down, you have to pull yourself. Competing requires being competitive!

No matter if you couldn’t resist the last ball to enter the goalpost, you have to fight for the next one and stop it. No matter how many times you fail, you have to fight for the next one! That’s how strong and competitive you have to be!

Tolerance to Pain

You are surely going to get hit by the ball. At times, by the lacrosse stick too! Yes, this is a game where injuries are common. According to the players, in this game, you might get injuries that are the toughest. But this is what you have to fight before you get into the field.

Make yourself understand that you are going to face physical pain. Sometimes, when the ball comes from the opponent’s lacrosse stick, it hits you on the head, chest, hand, legs or any other part of the body. Yes, you will use protection all over.

But that’s not going to finish or stop you from getting hit. At times you can see your goalie stick hitting you when you are protecting the goalpost! All you need to be is tolerant to the pain. Nothing can stop you if you are tolerant enough here. Get ready to tolerate the physical pain before you step into the field, and that’s all of the courage you need!

Mental Strength

Yes, we talked about physical strength a lot. But what do you think about mental strength? If you are not mentally strong, you cannot be physically strong. No matter how better your muscles are or how tricky you are in the game, you cannot deal with the game if you are not mentally fit.

When you confront physical pain in the game, you are surely going to face emotional traumas. Mentally, you will feel weak. And if you give up, there’s no coming back! Mentally being strong requires a lot of practice.

So, once you plan to be a lacrosse goalie with physical fitness, you need mental fitness too! And when physical and mental fitness comes together, no one can beat you!


Now, lastly, we will talk about your attention skills. Yes, we agree that you have to follow the basic rules. But that’s not only for you. All of the lacrosse players should be very strict about the rules and regulations.

What you especially need is to focus on the game. As you need to move your eyes here along with the hands and feet, at times, the howl body, it’s tough to focus. When you are in motion always, you cannot focus on your goal. But you have to!

Yes, you have to keep a balance between movement and focus and attend the ball. Keep your eyes and focus on the ball and then move your body accordingly.

Wrap Up

Choosing a goal is easy, but walking the path can be tough! All you need is physical and mental strength. Along with this, you have to be attentive and focus and that’s all! If you don’t give up on a sport like a lacrosse, you are on the path to winning!

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