Tips for Learning Heavy Metal Guitar

We have all heard about metal guitars. Metal guitars are not necessarily a variation of a guitar. Instead, it is the use of highly amplified electric guitars, mostly in heavy metal music.

Heavy metal is a very energetic and loud music variant of rock music. Usually, when playing heavy metal music, the bands use one or two guitars, including a bass guitar and drums. Electronic keyboards or some other instruments are also used in some cases. Heavy metal songs sound loud and powerful, with powerful recurring rhythms.

Heavy metal bands often have two electric guitar players. One plays rhythm guitar player, and one plays lead guitar. Together with the bass guitarist and drummer, the rhythm guitar player is a part of the band's rhythm segment. The lead guitarist plays guitar solos, instrumental melodies, and melodic fill sections. The single guitarist will move between rhythm guitar and guitar singer positions as required in power trios consisting of a guitarist, a drummer, and a bassist.

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Electric guitars can be a hassle to learn, especially if you are learning on your own. Here are some tips to ease your way for learning a metal guitar bellowed.

Figure out and stick to how you learn comfortably

They won't all work well for you. Some people learn well in the classroom. Interacting with teachers and other students keeps them interested and helps them to learn fast. Others may prefer a teacher in private.

Some people will find music tabs on the internet and try to figure it out independently with an instrument. Others may prefer a guidebook or a CD, or an internet tutorial collection. Some tap strings until they find a tune they like. Some people need a mixture of all of the above.

If you try to learn metal guitar in a way that doesn't attract you, you will soon get bored and disheartened. Experimenting and figuring out what gives you the most interest is the key to finding out how to learn metal guitar.

To experiment differently in ways, try finding guitar classes nearby and join. You can try local tutors that teach guitars. Asking friends who can play guitar to teach you can also help you learn. You can also find online tabs for your favorite music and use them for practice. Look up YouTube tutorial videos. Try jamming with fellow guitar learners.

Among all these different learning methods, you indeed will find the one you are most compatible with. Now, all you need to do is stick with the one.

Practice Makes a Man Perfect

You can dream all you want about opening your metal band. Ultimately, you won't have what it takes if you don't stick to a regular practice. Set aside some time, sit down with your guitar, and rehearse seven days a week. Even if it is just for 10 minutes, these 10 minutes are more important than 70 minutes of practice once a week.

While practicing, make it your priority. Do other stuff later. Place your guitar where you can easily see it. It will remind you of practicing even if you forget. Set a specific timeframe for your rehearsal. That way also if you want to do something else, you will complete the practice timeframe first. Surround yourself with posters, inspirational quotes that inspire you to pick up the guitar.

Warm-up before starting a session

It is essential to have strong, flexible fingers, arms, and shoulders and a lot of stamina to become a great guitarist. Perform a few basic guitar exercises before you start practicing. This will warm up your hands and enhance your flexibility. It is an excellent way to start a training session by playing some essential scales.

Many metal artists are also known to use finger weights or pressing their thumbs to boost their finger strength.

Listen to others

Listen to great metal guitarists. From just listening to all the songs they perform, you can learn so much. It is also necessary for sound artists to develop an ear for the notes. Some lucky people have the "musician's ear" naturally. Others have to build it over time.

Listening and playing the song you want to learn over and over again is a must. Even when reading tabs, this musician's ear you're going to develop comes in handy. Because tabs are not always precise, and when something is inaccurate, you will be able to recognize them.

Do not Rush

Don't be in a rush to learn new techniques and songs. While learning technique, you have to play the same tune repeatedly until you get perfect at it. You will quickly get bored but don't rush into a new thing until you can play the one you are learning now flawlessly. You have years ahead of you to be a master at the metal guitar. For now, learn to perform the basics correctly.

Set Goals

If you don't see yourself improving, you will easily get frustrated with the metal guitar. Setting specific goals is the simplest way to monitor your advancement. Do not set complicated or long goals at once. Break it down, set small goals that you can achieve quickly. Instead of learning the whole song at once, try learning it one part at a time.

Final Word

Furthermore, you will benefit from watching world-class guitarists play. You will learn their techniques, their ways. There is no shame in following someone, and they are world-famous for a reason. Go for different kinds of music as well. Don't just stick with metal. Broaden your musical taste; it will help you get better at playing.

You also can practice with the acoustic bass guitar, acoustic guitar when you are bored with a metal guitar. The most important thing to remember while learning a metal guitar is that you will not be John Petrucci overnight. So, don't worry! Focus on learning more about metal guitar and enjoy yourself.

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