Lacrosse Goalie Equipment: What Does a Goalie Need?

No matter a beginner or a pro, a lacrosse goalie will need some basic equipment to play it right! Without the required gears, you cannot plan to win the game as a goalie. In this game, you get an elevated responsibility to hold! And checking out the Lacrosse goalie equipment can be of help here!

So, what does a goalie need while defending the goalpost in the Lacrosse game? Not to mention, there are several gears; some are optional, and some are compulsory. So, which one will you buy?

You do not need to think much-we are at your service! We have made a list of some goalie equipment for Lacrosse that are vital for the game! Check it out and it will not disappoint you!

Whether you are new to Lacrosse or a seasoned player, you often ignore the equipment you need as a Lacrosse goalie. Today, we will talk about all the necessary gears a Lacrosse goalie needs for playing! Check them out and purchase the one you do not have! 

Lacrosse Goalie Stick

When it is about playing as a Lacrosse goalie, the first thing you need is to protect the goal post. And how are you going to do it! WITH A Lacrosse STICK! No matter what you call it- the goalie stick or the wand or the save maker-it will stay the same.

And it will protect the goalpost in the same manner! Now, let us talk about the parts of the stick. In general, you can divide the stick area into three primary divisions. One is the head of the goalie stick, another is the mesh, and the last one is the shaft of your wand.

lacrosse goalie stick

The best goalie sticks of the market will come with these three parts. And your work is to make an ideal goalie stick for you with the parts! Go through the combinations of the shaft, mesh and head and you are ready for your next Lacrosse match!

Lacrosse Goalie Helmet

To protect the head while safeguarding the lacrosse goal post, one of the first things is the lacrosse goalie helmet. The Lacrosse ball is solid and if it hits the head hard, there is a chance of severe injury that can result in death too!

And so, to protect the head, a helmet is required. However, keep in mind that that helmet is not too heavy for your head to move the head. Also, it should provide the utmost protection while playing. The helmets of the Lacrosse players like middies, defense men, and attackers are the same as the goalie ones. However, there are differences in the throat guard.

Throat Guard

After the head comes to the throat and protects the throat, you will need a throat guard! No matter how you deny the importance of this, it is a must while playing goalie. The work of the throat guard is to protect the throat. As a lacrosse goalie, if you are worried about the protection of your neck-wear it!

When the ball comes fast, it's tough to understand where it is going, no matter how good of a goalie you are. If you cannot stop it with your stick, it can hurt your neck. At times, while playing Lacrosse, the players' sticks may slip through their hands and hurt your neck! It does it by connecting to the helmet. For the connection, several screws are added.

While buying this one, it's necessary to certify that the throat guard you pick up covers the whole throat. If it is not, it is easy to injure you during shots. At times, you can add the helmets by drilling holes on one side of them and then add screws. You can also do it by adding zip ties or strings. Both of them work the same.

Mouth Guard

You might be talking about the Lacrosse goalie equipment or the protective gears for a Lacrosse goalie. Whatever you do, one unavoidable gear for the goalie is the mouth guard. Nothing hurts you more than a bruise on your face, isn't it? And to protect the mouth, you need it! While playing, you will need to communicate with the defensive players of your team.

And so, you might think of skipping the mouthpiece. But no, you can't! Moreover, if you follow the rule-book, no formal games can be played without a mouth guard for the goalie! In this case, you have to trust the best brands. Along with this, an easy tip for you- go for a customized fit!

Goalie Gloves

You cannot play Lacrosse without your hands, can you? Yes, this is your biggest asset when it comes to safeguarding your post. Yes, playing Lacrosse without the gloves will be easier for you for the flexible movement of your hands along with the thumbs.

But what are your thoughts about the protection of your hands? You are protecting the arms with the arm guard; you can still get hand injury. This is where the gloves for the Lacrosse player come in. When you are taking shots to your hands and the thumbs, you cannot keep them open to all injuries.

While buying the goalie gloves, you must ensure that the gloves fit snugly. If it is too tight, it will eventually restrict your movements or flexibility. On the contrary, when it is too loose, it will move around! So, you should better get the right fit!

Arm Guard

Your arms are the ones that will hold your stick! While playing, the movement of the arms is also required. This is where we forget the importance of an arm guard. Once the arms are hurt severely, would you be able to play Lacrosse anymore!

Yes, that haunts you, and it should! At least the haunting will push to wear the arm guard. The Youth Level games also have a rule for wearing arm guards as compulsory equipment. The players that are playing at Youth Level are youth. As a result, the bones of these players are yet to be developed completely.

In that case, the chances of injury are more severe than the adults. This comes in one piece, and there are pads to protect your arms. But keep in mind that, in a way or so, it will restrict your movements. We recommend the youth wearing it. For the adults, it is your choice.

Goalie Chest Protector

Now, here comes the most important equipment, the Lacrosse goalie chest protector! The market has only some specific chest pads available. You have to choose wisely! While playing, the ball cat hit your chest. The job of this one is to safeguard the heart, chest, stomach, and shoulders. You cannot survive if the ball hits your heart hard.

A chest protector is more necessary for female goalies. If you want to avoid any serious injury, make sure you come with a padded chest protector. But it is also vital to pick up the one that has contoured areas so that it lets you move freely as a goalie.

Padded Lacrosse Goalie Pant

You cannot jump into the field with regular pants, never! Lacrosse goalie pants are different.  Yes, you can avoid them in the not-so-serious plays in your yard. But for the games, you cannot skip them! These are padded pants that will save the most of your lower body.

If the ball comes and it shots your thigh, you won't be able to play the game that day. At times, you might feel the leg will fall off. Yes, it can be as serious as this. But Lacrosse goalie pant with a padded facility helps you safeguard the thighs and most parts of the legs.

Also, it will protect the hips. All you need is some pads all over to protect you. But make sure you do not overdo it. Otherwise, it will restrict your movements. For men and especially for women, it is a must.

Pelvic Protector

We talk a lot about the equipment and necessary protective gear for the men. Let's talk about the women a bit. Pelvic protector is something that you should not skip as a goalie if you are wise. To protect the pelvic area from the hit of the ball or stick while playing Lacrosse-you need it.

There are pads inside the protector to save the area. Also, men can go for the abdominal protective gears if they want. You often ignore this, but protection of the reproductive organs is more necessary than your game!

Shin Guard

So, you think you are all protected? No, my friend! Would you like the ball to hit your shin! Never! And so, it's required to protect your shin too! If you get hit in the shin, there's a chance you won't survive this match! To protect the shin, get the perfect shin guard.

If you talk to some goalies, they will tell you how shin guard slows them down! But you must understand how they are unable to pick up a lighter shin guard! Yes, there are different weights available for shin guards. And if you want the balance of flexibility and protection, pick up a lightweight guard.

In this way, you will move the ankle and the knee easily. It will also protect your shin too! Shin guard is both for men and women! However, skip the baseball or ice hockey shin guards. These are heavy and bulky and will slow you down.

Wrap Up

We have picked the most important gears a Lacrosse goalie requires when it comes to playing! But these are not all of them! A professional goalie might carry some other equipment too! If you are a new player, these will do the work for you.

If you want to play in professional fields, you might need to add other gears to strengthen your position!  So you might keep your eyes on our site to learn more about the lacrosse gears and playing method! We help you find the right match for you! Don't forget to comment which gears changed your game-life!

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