Lacrosse Cleats vs. Football Cleats | Similarities and Differences

No, the football cleats and the lacrosse cleats are not the same. Yes, they might look the same to you for the outlook, but you will see the difference if you take a closer look.

Let’s go and find out the similarities and differences between these two cleats to know which one to pick up!

Check out the similarities of the shoes before you step out to learn the differences!

  • Both of the cleats provide stability, faster running capability, and protection
  • The upper portions of both cleats are made of synthetic or leather fabric.
  • Both of these shoes will require studs for dealing with the turf
  • Lacrosse and football, both cleats come in different heights for different levels of support
  • Both of these cleats are available in a water-resistant design.

Lacrosse Cleats vs. Football Cleats: The Differences

Here are the basic differences between these two cleats! You can’t wear them if you don’t know the dissimilarities!

Ankle Heights

The first thing you will notice when finding the difference between the football cleats and the lacrosse one is the outlook. Both of them look different for the ankle height of the shoes. As football is a game that you play with your feet, you have to protect your feet first. In short, in this game, your feet will require prime priority.

And this is the reason football shoes have a higher-cut collar area. This is only to ensure the utmost protection. Keep in mind that the cleats will vary according to the position if you are a football player. If you are in the Linemen, you will require ankle support. So, you have to get high-tops cleats. If you are the quarterback, go for the mid-cut support.

But if you need agility and speed both, low-cut cleats are the best deal! Whether you are a lacrosse player, you already know that you need cleats just to run and get stability. You do not have to use the cleats to throw the ball; you have the lacrosse stick to do your job! So, mostly, you do not need to use the upper knee much. In the case of the ankle, things differ.

If you get an injury in lacrosse, it is said to be one of the worst injuries you can ever have! Lacrosse is all about balance and agility. Here, you have to react quicker than football. You might require dodging your opponent. In some situations, you have to jump over them too! So, the stability of your cleats is a fact here! The Lacrosse cleats are usually designed in a mid-cut structure for providing enough support.

The low-cut lacrosse shoes are for affording the ultimate flexibility. Football cleats have a design to get your better stability and traction, no doubt. These are usually of rounded shape. So, you get natural stride. For the dense rubber, you might slow down a little. But in lacrosse, you need speed more than anything.

So, the shoes are designed to be flat on the bottom part. There are spikes added on top. The spikes are made of plastic and lacrosse spikes are more aggressive. This is the reason you do not get slowed when you play your game! You can run or move swiftly by the turf.


After the ankle height comes the breathability of the two cleats. As we said, the construction of the two cleats is not the same, and so is not the breathability. Both of these games have different crafting. If you are a football player, you already know that it will require breathability. So, in construction, a mesh is used in most cases.

To ensure breathability, in some cases, leather is used too. On the other hand, the upper part is made with synthetic fabric. These are highly breathable. Another fact is the construction allows the football cleats ready to wear both in wet and dry weather or condition. Even in the hot weather, your feet won’t get overheated.

In lacrosse, between the ventilation holes of the cleats, there is no membrane. The design is specially made for protecting the players from rain. When Lacrosse players play their game outdoor, the weather can be tricky too.

But if their feel gets heavier, they won’t be able to play properly. This is the reason for not adding any membrane between the holes. This makes sure that the breathability is at its peak. Mess construction will increase breathability and also will let moisture escape!

To keep the feet protected from the weather, it is always better to get water-resistant cleats for both games. To ensure airflow, the lacrosse cleats usually have mesh vents in the upper portion. So, you get additional airflow by this feature.

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Number of Studs

One of the visible differences between Lacrosse cleats and football ones is the number of studs both of these cleats have. The football cleats you wear regularly have 6-7 studs at best. Two studs will be and the back of the heel. Also, there will be five other studs added under the ball and the toe of your shoes. That’s all!

Conversely, if you are using a lacrosse cleat, count the studs. You will see a lot of studs in most cases. The least number of studs you can find in your lacrosse cleat is four. However, it can quickly go up above 20 at times too!

There will be four studs added around the heel of the lacrosse cleats. Another six to eight studs will be on the toe and the ball area of your shoes. The studs are the reason for the player’s better traction on their surface choice. Also, it brings comfort in cases.

The studs also make you run faster! Yes, when you start running as a player, the studs and their position ensure how fast you are going to get up in speed! So, the number of studs and the position of studs are one of the basic differences between the two types of cleats for two games!

Wrap Up

Now you know what makes the lacrosse cleats different than the football cleats, right? If you are a lacrosse player and planning to wear the football cleats in your game, yes, you can.

But make sure that you are officially allowed to perform with it! In either way, football cleats go perfect with the lacrosse game!

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