How To Set Up a Betta Fish Tank

Betta fish are adorable fish. They are lovely to look at and loveable. Many of us want to have a betta fish tank in our house or workspace. However, it is necessary to know how to set up a betta fish tank because, without proper care, your beloved fish may get injured or died.

You may have searched a lot to know about the betta fish tank, or you have a fish tank already. This article will give some tips about how to set up a betta fish tank and what you need to do.

Betta fish are generally tiny fishes, which are mainly of Thailand's origin. People like to own it like a pet. So to do this, they must need a habitat where there will be a suitable atmosphere for the fish.

Generally, a betta fish tanks are a plastic or glass-made box. Though the fishes can survive in swallow areas or tanks, you need to make some arrangements to set up the tank. The betta fish tanks not only protect the fishes but also provide a natural ecosystem for them. Though many tanks are available in the market, you must choose the perfect size and quality tank for your fish.

How to Set Up a Betta Fish Tank

Before knowing the process of setting up a tank for your betta fish,’s have a look at what we need to do. The following accessories are vital to have a proper setup of your fish tank or aquarium.

  • A Good Quality Fish Tank
  • Fish Water Filter
  • Fish Water Heater
  • Gravels
  • Live or Synthetic Plants

Let’s talk about the process of installing all the equipment along with the betta fish tank. Here we have outlined the arrangements to some steps so that you can easily capture all of these.

Step-1: Choose a Place for the Tank

Before installing the fish tank, you must know that the tank is a heavy thing when it is full of water. So, you must choose a place where the tank can be safe as well as looks good.

One important thing is choosing the size of the aquarium. It is better to select one which is at least 5 Gallons. Though betta fish can survive in the low spacy tank, the bigger, the better.

So, wash the tank with water, not any soap or detergent. Keep some space between the wall and the tank because you need to install the filter with it. Handle the tank carefully because it can be broken if you fall.

Step-2: Install The Filter

When your aquarium is in place, you can proceed to install an aquarium filter. Many people think that a filter is not necessary for a betta fish tank. But it can help to keep the water clean. A filter also helps to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

Choose a filter that is best suited for your fish. Always choose a filter with a GPH (Gallon Per Hour) 4 times higher than the tank. For example, a 5gallon fish tank needs a filter of 20 GPH.

Another important thing is the speed of the filter you have used. Avoid high-speed filters, which create more bubbles. It is better to choose a moderate-speed filter for your fish tank.

Step-3: Put The Gravels

Gravels help to create a natural environment for the fishes. The betta fishes love to move all over the area. Gravels give them an exciting feeling for the bettas. Moreover, some beneficial bacteria can grow into it, and bettas can eat them.

Before putting the gravels into the tank, choose the smooth and smaller size. As betta fish are very sophisticated, harsh or big-sized gravel can injure them, and you might not love it.

Wash the gravel with water, not soap. Put it carefully into the tank so that the container can not be damaged. If you want to insert some live plants, it's better to make the gravel 2 inch thin. Otherwise, 1 inch is enough. Change the pattern of and on when you are washing the tank. It will give the fishes a new feeling.

Step-4: Set Up The Plants and Decorations

Many of us like to decorate the aquarium decorate with plants. Plants give a natural look to the fishes, and they love to play hide and seek into it. Again, live plants create an ecosystem under the water.

Anyway, if you want to put some live plants into it, you must make the bed 2inches with the gravels (as I said earlier). On the other hand, if you want to plant artificial trees, then be careful about the material because betta fishes are sensitive,

Do not select plastic trees for your aquarium because betta fishes have fins, which can be tear with plastic plants. It is always better to use live plants because they also help to make the water clean. Use silk trees if you do not have live plants.

Step-5: Fill Up The Tank

As long as you have installed all the things into your tank, you can fill up the tank now. Place a plate in the container and pour water into it. The place will prevent the replacement of the gravels due to the force of water.

Check the tank if there is any leakage or not. Do not fill up the tank entirely. Keep some gap above the tank so that the fishes can breathe easily. Again betta fishes are good jumpers, so it is risky to fill up the whole tank up to its height. However, remove the plate when you have done pouring water.

Step-6: Start the Filter and Install the Heater

As you have almost done, start your filter to clean the water. Again you need to install a heater to keep the ambient temperature of the aquarium.

Choose an adjustable filter rather than a fixed temperature heater. Keep the temperature to 80-85 Degree Fahrenheit. Always measure the heat with a thermometer because the heater always does not show the correct result.

Step-7: Add Neutralizer and Perform A Fishless Cycle

It is an essential part of setting up a betta fish tank. As you have filled up the tank with water, that does not mean it is ready. The water may contain high Chlorine. If you let your fish into it, it may be dying. So use a neutralizer to make the water suitable. You can find a lot of neutralizers on the market.

Again, leave the tank fishless for a few days. It is a part of the Nitrogen cycle. At this time, bacteria can grow into the tank medium, which turns the toxic Ammonia into non-toxic Nitrogen. As soon as complete all those processes above are done, your tank is ready to take fish.


Everyone loves to have an aquarium full of beautiful betta fish. But they suffer many problems related to the installation and nursing of the fish. So, how to set up a betta fish tank? All the steps mentioned above will help them a lot. Be careful from the first day of your betta fish nursing. Remember, betta fishes are as sensitive as your child, and you can not experiment with them.

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