How to Play Airsoft Game?

In this article, we will describe how to play Airsoft Game. Do you know what Airsoft Game is? As you are here, of course, you know what it is and what a fancy game is airsoft game. But if you don’t know really about this game, let’s start with its definition.

Airsoft game is a real-world sport. The game is full of combat and aggressive tactics. This game is trendy since the mid-century where two opponents are fighting to declare each one dead. The main difference between the Airsoft game and the real war is that in the airsoft game, the guns that are used are the replica of the real guns. Guns are used in airsoft game are called airsoft gun. As the bullets are used in airsoft game is made of hard plastic. Players may feel a temporary painful sensation, but it is not risky for life.

Classification of Airsoft Gaming

If anyone is interested in Airsoft gaming, at first, he must know the full-grown information about this gaming and one more important thing about this game is its rules, which is a must to follow. Basically Airsoft game is of two kinds. One is Military Simulation, and the other is Speed soft type.

Additional information about the two types of Airsoft Gaming

The Military Simulation game is usually very prolonged in duration where everything is bound to Military rules and regulation where one has to wear and use fixed Military clothes and weapons. It is a game which is full of real like feelings. It is costly to play, as all things are highly selective here. On the other hand, Speed soft game is less expensive to play, and it is not a very long processing game. One can wear general clothes here and the guns that are used here usually loaded with painted balls. You can read our paintball vs airsoft blog for some ideas also.

If someone interested in the Airsoft game, he must spend a day in the Airsoft gaming area under the supervision of an expert. In a whole day, he can get used to the tactics of the Airsoft game and also perceive the situation where he is appropriate to the airsoft game or not. In the process, he doesn’t need to pay any significant amount of money.  

Some Airsoft Game rules

Let’s see some basic rules in Airsoft Game:

1. As Airsoft game is an outdoor game, at the beginning of the game, a player who is participating in the game should wear a safety Goggles to make his eyes safe from getting damaged.

2. Playing the game, to be devoted to the rules of the game is very important. Maintaining discipline is needed. Such as, if an opponent got shot, after being shot, he must pronounce the word Hit to let all know about the incident. If the wounded person doesn’t inform all about the hitting issue, he may still be in the game, but it would be considered as cheating.

3. After getting shot, a player can wait for 5 minutes for the arrival of the Medic. During this time a Medic has to treat him. Otherwise, he might be considered dead. If any case a player died, he is to go to the responding state and he is highly restricted to inform his mates about the opponent’s plans and interactions.

4. In the game, the weapon should be used very carefully and should take good care of it. If in any case the gun gets damaged, it cannot be used again until a visit to a home place.

5. As the respawn area is only for the people who considered as dead, an alive or active soldier is not allowed to visit the place at any cost, and it is also forbidden to attack or shoot in the respawn areas.

Things those are needed and informative if anyone is interested in participating in the Airsoft game

As Airsoft game is a unique training type game where one must need to cope up with a lot of challenges, risk, and activities, one must be aware of some essential things which are necessary to know. Such as:

1. Airsoft game is of many types. Some high demand restrictions and some are very easy to handle. But each player at the beginning of the game should carry a cell phone with him for better communication.

2. On the other hand, during the airsoft game, sometimes it may be necessary for a player to buy some equipment. But not every airsoft game setting is allowed the debit/ credit card. So to have some cash can be a rescue situation.

3. It also provides Identification card a rule in the Airsoft game. Some even demand the age limit. Airsoft games are good as exercise and laborious.

4. Camouflage and a helmet also demanding in the airsoft game as disguising is a core thing in this type of mission or challenging game. A disguise can happen through painting all over the body or a particular place. A Helmet can help a soldier to save him from attack.

5. A safety goggles to have sun protection or to save eyesight, sufficient water to get hydrated is also a need. Moreover, one also needs solid boots, chest, or combat belt for storing gun magazines. The Flashlight is also an essential material to remove darkness.

6. Some popular airsoft game names are T.D.M. (Team Death Match), C.Q.B. (close quarter battle) and MilSim (Military Simulation).

Some characters in the Airsoft Game are


Runner is such a character who is appointed to run the game thoroughly without getting hit.


A protector plays the role of a shield to protect his teammates in the game by being heavily armed and specially trained.


Snipers are the carrier of secret news. They are wondering many places throughout the game in disguise to know the motive of the opponent. He must be an expert in camouflage.


He is a narrator or detector to detect the enemy position and to translate enemies’ language.

Final Word

So, in a nutshell, we can assert that though airsoft is a game for recreation, nowadays it is using in the defense training by using airsoft guns which are the replica of the real weapon to experience the novice a real-world- war-like feelings. If your kids like to play real life game then nerf war game may be right one. Nerf games are play with nerf gun. You can see our best nerf sniper reviews.

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