How to Care for a Betta Fish for Beginners

Betta fishes are colorful and eye-catching. They can be found mainly in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia in the canals, rivers, and floodplains. Because of their small size and colorful attractiveness, they become popular among people to keep them in aquariums. But betta fishes are also needed some care so, how to care for a betta fish? Here we provided some tips for you below.

Betta fishes have come in various colors: black, yellow, turquoise, orange, white, etc. They can be of multi-colors, spotted and metallic too.

If you want to keep betta fish as your pet in betta fish tank, then you might need to see some information about them. Some necessary information is given below.

Average life span: 3 to 5 years

Adult size: About 3 inches in length

Known as: Siamese fighting fish

How to Care for a Betta Fish?

If you plan to keep a betta fish as a pet, you must know how to take care of them because they require a little extra attention. Here we try to discuss how to care for a betta fish that may help take care of your bettas.

Choose a Perfect Size tank

There are some myths like bettas will do good in a tiny cup or small tank. As people know, they mostly live in puddles. But let's pop that bubble for you.

The perfect tank sizes for Betta fishes have to be around 2.5 to 5 gallons. In small tanks, toxins can build up faster, and they can harm your betta pet. So it's best to keep the tank size prominent and easy to clean.

Set a Filter

Bettas should be kept in filtered water because they survive best in stable water parameters. For you, there are lots of aquarium filters in the market. Like under gravel filters, hanging on the back power filters, sponge filters, internal filters, canister filters, and many more.

A filter is needed for your pet Betta because it helps to maintain a harmful bacteria and toxin-free environment. If you install a filter on the tank, it can save you some time because filtered tanks need fewer cleaning times.

Set Perfect Temperature

The hot or cold temperature in the tank can harm your Betta fish. As they are initially from a tropical environment, they will indeed survive best in a warm temperature. It is ideal for maintaining 25 to 27 degrees Celsius in the water. For maintaining a stable temperature, you will need to buy the right fish tank heater and a thermometer to measure.

Perfect Diet for Betta

Betta's diet should be protein-rich and meaty. You can feed them floating pellets, Sinking pellets, Betta flakes, Blood worms, peas, frozen and dried food. While feeding them pellets and flakes, you will find a lot of varieties.

If you want to feed them blood worms, do not put a whole live worm in the tank. Instead, buy the frozen cubes from the market, which are designed especially for fish feeding.

Feed Right Amount of Food

As a beginner, you may struggle to feed your pet. Because Betta fishes can show a greedy attitude. They will never refuse to eat as long as you are feeding them. But you should also know overfeeding them can create health hazards. Do not overfeed them. Their stomach size is about the size of their eyes. So now you know it will only take 1-2 betta palettes to fill his little stomach.

Maintain Feeding Time

You should feed your Betta pet two times a day. Feeding times should have a 12 hours gap. So the best possible routine would be feeding them in the morning and night.

Cleaning Tank

For ensuring a healthy environment for the Betta fish, you need to clean the betta fish tank from time to time. You can clean the tank by following some simple steps. Firstly unplug any heaters, filters, lights, or other equipment you have attached to the tank. Then carefully remove the fish with the help of a glass jar.

Then scoop out all the water from the tank and give it a good clean with soap, a sponge, or a brush. After cleaning it, you have to set up the tank again. After filling it with water, you have to adjust the heater's temperature and plug the filter too. Wait for some time for the water to come to an adjustable temperature for your pet. After finishing all of this, put your Betta fish in the tank again carefully.

Things to Care

How to care for a betta fish? Betta fishes need extra care in the tanks. As they are from a tropical environment, it can be tricky to create a similar environment. Sometimes who don't know about betta fish can mistreated betta fish. So please take care of your betta fish and give them a happy life.

Choose Perfect Tank Mate

You can not just put any tank mates for your Betta fishes because male Bettas tend to be aggressive and fight each other. The perfect idea would be to put one male and two females in a tank. It will help in breading too. Compatible fishes that can be a good tank mate with Betta are- Poecilia, Black Tetras, Catfish, Rasboras, Croaking, and Gouramis.

Check Bettas Color

You need to look up to the color of the betta fish. If the color is fading, he may be ill. It also may just indicate that he is getting old.

Check Betta's Activity

If your bettas are swimming up and down and being active, it means they are healthy and happy. But if they stay inactive or seem to float around, they don't respond when you go near them. It may indicate that they are in depression or not in good health. You need to take special care of them in this case.

Final Word

Keeping a Betta fish as a pet might be tricky. You need extra care and attention for them. But once you get used to it, it won't be a problem. This little tiny creature can fill your heart with joy and happiness. You will never be bored around them as they are always active, playing, and wiggling their colorful fins around. It surely will make you happy too.

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