Difference between Gas, Spring, and Electric Airsoft Pistols

Airsoft guns are used as a replica or as toy weapons which are used in airsoft sports. Before playing an airsoft game, you need to know about different types of airsoft pistols.

Airsoft guns are categorized into two groups by their design: one is automatic, and another is mechanical. In mechanical, there use a coil spring-loaded piston air pump. And in automatic, we use a battery-powered electric gun and CO2 gas in gas airsoft guns.

In general, Airsoft guns are categorized into five parts: 1) Gas airsoft guns, 2) Electric airsoft guns, 3) Spring airsoft guns, 4) Precharged pneumatic (PCP), 5) Variable pump.

Now the difference between Gas, Spring, and Electric airsoft pistols are described below:

Propane or Green gas is used most often for this Gas-powered airsoft pistol. Another most common gas is CO2, which is used in both pistols and rifles.

The Hammer comes onward and airstrikes the Knock Value when the trigger is pressed. Airsoft pistols are air-powered, and it is fired as round shells, so it is so much fun to be used. Gas-powered airsoft guns work on a gas pool. As it is the necessity of regular gas replacement, everyone needs to know its chamber's position. Different guns have different spaces for the section.

A gas-powered airsoft pistol consists of fifteen functional parts. It can be performed in its operational sector smoothly. Those are:

1. Magazine

2. Knock Value

3. Hammer

4. Airsoft’s BB (Magazine)

5. Airsoft BB (Chambered)

6. Air Nozzle

7. Slide

8. Piston Assembly

9. Piston Head

10. Rocket Valve

11. Rocket Valve Spring

12. Hop-Up Rubber

13. Inner Barrel

14. Air Nozzle Return Spring

15. Slide Catch

Advantages of Gas-Powered Airsoft Pistols

People use airsoft pistols for an excellent advantage deal, and they find many benefits from this.

1. Gas-powered airsoft pistol has a lower price than electric airsoft. It can be used for single-shot and automatic, and semi-automatic operations. Here spring can be used for single-shot, and electric pistols can't be used in the automated process because of their size. So, in that case, an airsoft pistol is the best option for its automatic and semi-automatic operation.

2. Another benefit of the gas-powered airsoft pistol is that it has a target shooting tendency. It has excellent target accuracy from a long distance, which is better than electric guns.

3. Blowback mechanism means giving a retreat consequence whenever the slide moves back with its every shot. This characteristic is one of the best benefits of gas airsoft pistols. But this mechanism is not available for all airsoft pistols as it does cost a little bit extra.

For the authentic feel of firing, it is worth spending a little bit for this service, and one more thing, this mechanism will change your airsoft pistol into a real gun.

Disadvantages of Gas-Powered Airsoft Pistols

1. Liquidized type gas behaves like chilly, so it can cool down the weapon's procedure. The behavior can decrease its heating price and also the range. On top of that, there is always confusion about this cooling down problem.

2. Another common problem is that they are run out of gas during the fight. This means if the gas is out, then the battle is over.

Spring Airsoft Pistols

Spring airsoft pistol is the most traditional type of firing gun used most of the time. Another name for this pistol is Springer.

The spring-powered airsoft pistols work excitingly. When you push the spring into the locked location, the spring is released and moves a piston onward. Because of the air pressure, a pellet is out of the barrel, and that's how it worked. For this swift compression, the air which is generated has excessive heat. And this all things happen in such a short time that you cannot even notice that.

Advantages of Spring Airsoft Pistols

1. It can be fired limitlessly, and it also has better performance than Electric and Gas airsoft pistols.

2. Users can improve their shooting skill by using spring air pistols as it has many recoils.

3. It has enough accuracy and powerful firing speed.

4. Every gun part is available in the market, so the users don't have to face any problems.

5. There is no need for CO2 pumping equipment, so in that case, it can be said that it is entirely self-reliant.

6. And lastly and most importantly, it is effortless to use than any Gas and Electric pistol.

Disadvantages of Spring Airsoft Pistols

1. Spring airsoft pistol is weaker than gas pistols and the electric ones, but not most of the time.

2. It needs to tilt the gun after every shot, which is time-consuming.

3. Users need to practice and recoil the gun rightly. And one more thing, he also needs to learn how to cock and shoot the gun accurately.

4. It can be modified for better performance, but the spring airsoft pistol can get weaker when used for much time.

5. As a spring-powered airsoft pistol is fired at a shallow speed, it can be frustrating and unrealistic. And this low firing speed proves that the spring airsoft pistol has less accuracy.

Electric Airsoft Pistols

An electric motor uses electric airsoft pistols, and there is a rechargeable battery by which it is worked smoothly. These guns are semi-automatic, and some have fully automatic or metal capabilities.

We know that spring airsoft guns have springs, same as electric airsoft guns also use springs. Still, they don't have to physically cock the gun as there are a rechargeable battery and battery charger.

Advantages of Electric Airsoft Pistols

1. Electric airsoft pistols are the most cost-effective as there is a battery charger, which adds to this cost-effectiveness. These pistols would be an affordable choice for anyone who is looking for these guns.

2. These guns are durable and easy to maintain for users.

3. Electronic airsoft pistols perform well in all temperatures.

Disadvantages of Electric Airsoft Pistols

1. Like gas-powered guns, they don't have any blowback sound which can mimic the authentic gun sound.

2. As the guns are electronic, that's why they don't perform well in damp conditions.

3. If the batteries go out, then the fight will be over. Then it would be necessary to go for the new rechargeable batteries.

Final Verdict

For the users, it would be better to know more about every airsoft gun use in a restored way. That's why you should have an idea about the pros and cons of the product. We try to provide all the differences between gas, spring, and electric airsoft pistols.

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