How to Clean a Betta Fish Tank?

Betta fishes are known as Siamese fighting fish. It originated in southeast Asia. Generally, we all know that betta fish is easy to take care of and low maintenance pets. For this reason, people are choosing betta fish as a pet and kept in the fish tank.

Betta fish also produce some wastes like all other fish. So people need to clean the betta fish tank. One question comes to every cleaner, how to clean a betta fish tank.

In this article, we have discussed When to Clean a Betta Fish Tank. After that, we will give you a brief overview of how to clean and how often you need to clean the betta fish tank.

It is better to clean the betta fish tank regularly. Sometimes waste products can make the tank groove. Doing a complete cleaning will reduce suffering from water quality, and it looks neat and clean.

Sometimes it is difficult to clean regularly. In that case, you need to clean the betta fish tank once a week. Every week by cleaning less than half an hour, you can keep your tank fresh, and you can get happy and healthy betta fish.

Some people do not know how often does a betta fish tank need to be cleaned. It totally depends on the size of the betta fish tank. Larger tanks require less cleaning, and smaller tanks need more frequent cleaning because smaller tanks are toxicated faster. Small tanks need to clean twice a week, and large tanks are good enough to clean once a week.

How to clean a betta fish tank?

It is essential to clean the betta fish tank. Some people do not know how to clean a betta fish tank. So here, we have discussed how to clean the betta fish tank.

Preparing the water

Betta fish can't survive in normal water like other fish. Before cleaning the betta fish tank, you need to use a water conditioner to neutralize chlorine and other chemicals. Keeping the water at the same temperature as the tank is essential. You can keep the water in the same room, where the tank stayed, or using a heater to get the same temperature.

Remove the fish from the tank

Before starting the process of cleaning, you need to keep the fish in other containers. For this, you need to prepare a bowl with tank water and a cover for the bowl. Then transfer the betta fish to the bowl and cover the bowl up. Make sure that the place is calm and clean.

Remove the accessories

Before start cleaning, take a large bowl, and take all the accessories out of the tank. Then start cleaning the tank. Keep in mind that the accessories also need to be cleaned anyway.

Save some tank water

No matter how much of the tank water you are changing, permanently save some tank water. Because, by the time, the tank's water made up some bacteria, and the fish get used to those bacteria.

If you are changing 40% of the water, save the other 60% in another place. It will be great for betta fish. Keep note that it will be harmful to your betta fish if you are changing all the tank's water.

Pour out the remaining water

After separating the water, you are going to save and dump the other water. For dumping the water, you can use a cup or mug. But you have to make sure that no part of the tank gets damaged while doing the dumping.

Cleaning the accessories

You can clean all the accessories by using warm water. There might be some dust sticking with the accessories. By using a brush, you can easily clean them. But remember that you can't use soap or any chemicals. It might be harmful to your fish. After cleaning, put the accessories aside on a clean towel.

Clean gravel

Gravels could be the dirtiest part of the tank. Because most of the waste is clinging to those pebbles, to clean them, you have to use hot water to throw away the gravel. You need to rub them with your hands a few times to make the pebbles completely clean.

Put things back in the previous position

Putting all the items back in place can be a challenging part. So, you have to do it safely. To complete your betta fish tank set up successfully, you have to do it step by step.

Put the gravels and all the accessories safely to the tank. Then, refill the tank with old and new water. Don't forget to test the temperature and ph. After completing all tasks, then put your betta fish back into the tank.


Cleaning a betta fish tank isn't a simple task. Clean your betta fish tank regularly is mean that how much you take care of your betta fishes. In the above, we try to explain how to clean a betta fish tank. So follow these steps. It will help you to clean your betta fish tank.

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