Best Women’s Lacrosse Cleats Reviews In 2022

Women, no matter you are an attacker, a midfielder, or a goalie; you need the best pair of shoes if you plan on winning the game! Yes, we know shoes won’t make you win the game; goals will. But to make the goals, you need to run! Running without the best women’s lacrosse cleats is a waste, don’t you think?

What if your feet are too sweaty to run and catch the ball? What if you fall? What if you can’t run quicker than your opponent? All of these can be solved- just with the right pair of Lacrosse cleats!

And we are here to introduce you to the best lacrosse cleats for women in the market now! The shoes we are going to talk about here are not only our recommendations but also the recommendations of the athletes!

It is not worth wasting money on a pair of lacrosse cleats that give you cleat pressure! What will you do with the ones that slip now and then?

The best women’s lacrosse cleats should provide you superior traction, utmost comfort, and outstanding durability. And with in-depth research, we have come here with some cleats that will never disappoint you!


Product name



Under Armour Women's Highlight Mc Lacrosse Cleats

New Balance Women's Burnx2 Mid Cut Lacrosse Cleats

Mizuno womens 9-spike Advanced Finch Elite 4 Tpu Molded Cleat

1. Under Armor Women’s Mc Lacrosse Cleats

Whenever the discussion is about Women’s lacrosse, we can vouch for the Under Armour brand!  They will not only provide you the perfect fit but also afford invincible quality! The cleats by the company are completely made of synthetic.

It ensures that you do not get sweaty feet when you are fighting to get the ball! The breathable material will keep you comfortable throughout the game. Along with this, the sole is also synthetic. So, with comfort, you are getting the performance too! When you run, it will afford you faster running capability. Also, it will stick to the ground and will not let you slip.

The Under armor women’s lacrosse cleats are available in white with different colored designs. You can pick up whatever you prefer. The lightweight nature will help you move quicker than your opponent. The textile upper is lightweight. Eventually, you get a lockdown to feel overall. If you are up for better traction, switch to these Under Armour cleats for women.

The TPU cleat plate added to the shoes will give you better traction, regardless of which field you run. The logo accents are metallic and will give a posh outlook. The toe box also includes smooth synthetic material.

Playing the game is comfortable from today! To double the comfort, it has molded 4D foam footbed. The shape of your foot will not be bothered and you’ll get the perfect fit! While choosing a shoe, cleat pressure is a fact! And here, there is no cleat pressure!


  • Complete synthetic construction
  • Synthetic sole
  • Provides better traction
  • No cleat pressure
  • Comfortable tow box
  • No slippage
  • Available in several colors


  • Required intensive maintenance

2. New Balance BurnX2 Mid-Cut Women's Lacrosse Cleats

Some of us prefer mid-cut women’s lacrosse cleats because they will give you ultimate support without injuring your legs and feet! In this case, New Balance can be an outstanding brand to settle for. The BurnX2 mid-cut shoes for lacrosse by the company have the perfect construction.

It includes both synthetic and mesh. So, you get the breathability and the right grip together in these best women’s lacrosse cleats! On the contrary, the sole has a rubber construction. Nothing grips better to the ground than rubber. Whenever you run on a slippery turf, you can slip anytime. But you don’t need to bother about it if you are with BurnX2.

The rubber sole helps your feet to stay on the ground, ensuring you do not slip while running. These cleats are fully knitted upper part, and the kinetic stitch ensures the high durability of your shoes. There is lockdown and film meeting feet’s necessity.

The Thermal Polyurethane plate is dual-density. From this time onwards, you do not need to think about stability and traction. It ensures that you move quicker than ever but you have the flexibility and stability with you too! The knit collar is highly supportive and the insert is data-driven.

New Balance certifies the utmost comfort in these women’s cleats! They have a lightweight design to help you run faster and catch the ball with your lacrosse stick!


  • Mesh and synthetic construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Comes in a mid-cut design
  • No slippage at all
  • Balances between stability and traction
  • Fully knitted upper part
  • Supportive knit collar


  • A bit narrow design

3. Mizuno womens 9-spike Advanced Finch Elite 4 Tpu Lacrosse Cleats

If you are looking up something different, try the Mizuno Women’s 9-Spike cleats, these will surely mesmerize you! The shoes have rubber soles and so, you do not need to worry about the turf anymore.

No matter which turf it is or what the weather is, the cleats will take you to your goal without dropping you on the floor! The cleat plate is made of TPU molded. When you are worried about comfort, you don’t need to get confused!

These will deliver you superior comfort on the field.  Available in multicolor, the outsole of the cleats will give you better traction. The cleats are versatile and it is great for multi-surface use. The tongue is padded carefully. So, you don’t need to concern about the cleat pressure at all!

All you need is to get the right fit and you are ready to win the Lacrosse game this time! With this, you will get energy from impact and eventually a stable platform.

The superior cushioning certifies the flexible movement throughout the game. The best part is these are not only designed for softball. Instead, you can use the cleats in other games of your choice, like lacrosse.


  • Rubber sole
  • Includes TPU molded cleat plates
  • Provides outstanding traction
  • Versatile for different games
  • Goes with several turfs
  • Has the right amount of padding and cushioning
  • Comes in different colors


  • Runs a little small

4. Under Armour Finisher Turf Best Women’s Lacrosse Cleats

Specially designed for lacrosse, these women’s cleats are going to break the records for you! The shoes are loved by the players because of their perfect construction. As this one is made of synthetic fabric, you get breathable features added.

Your foot is not going to sweat anymore while you play. The sole has a rubber design. In this case, you need to stay worry-free about slipping at all! Move the way you want, and you won’t fall on the ground. As the upper part is made of synthetic fabric, it is completely lightweight.

Lightweight shoes refer to faster movement, right? Yes, with these, you are going to run faster and get the lacrosse ball inside your stick to make a goal. Just like this, the toe box is also lightweight. On the other hand, the synthetic fabric ensures that you get a durable shoe.

No matter how hard you are on the cleats, they won’t damage soon. Women, forget about the cleat pressure if you are with these cleats. It includes a die-cut EVA sock line. And the design ensures a reduction in cleat pressure! Eventually, you will get enhanced underfoot comfort.

The outsole has mini-lugs added. The grip is better than ever here. Play on the natural field and artificial turf with this one; the traction will be the same!


  • Synthetic fabric construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Has a lightweight design
  • EVA sock line reduces cleat pressure
  • Designed for several turfs
  • Perfect grip with mini-lugs
  • Lightweight toe-box added


  • Has a narrow design

5. New Balance Low Cut Women's Lacrosse Shoes

As we told you before, New Balance is one of the best brands of lacrosse cleats both for women and men! Just like the other cleats, New Balance ensures both comfort and durability. And to keep the balance between comfort and longevity, the construction includes mesh fabric and synthetic fabric.

Mesh will let your feet be comfortable throughout the game. On the other hand, synthetic fabric makes the shoes durable enough to last even against hard hits. With this, the breathability of the cleats is ensured too! If you have sweaty feet, don’t worry because the cleats won’t let your feet get wet! An ample amount of air will get in and keep your feet fresh!

The rubber sole keeps your feet on the ground even when the turf is slippery. No matter how quick you run, you will never slip or drop! The insert is data-driven. And just like the last one, it has a supportive knit collar. In short, when you ask for comfort, your first choice would be these low-cut New Balance women’s lacrosse cleats.

And we forgot to tell you but you already know that these have a low-cut design. As a result, your traction will be the priority here! The shoes have a lightweight construction. As we all know, the less the weight of your shoes, the faster you can move. The same goes for this one. You can be more flexible here and run swifter than before!

This is the reason the Lacrosse players call it speed-enhancing lacrosse cleats. The upper part is kinetic-stitched ensuring service for a long period. It won’t sacrifice motion stability. But it won’t fail to provide comfort too!


  • Mesh and synthetic construction
  • Rubber sole
  • No sweaty feet
  • no slippage
  • Low-cut design with supportive knit collar
  • Increases traction and motion stability
  • The lightweight design ensured swift movement


  • Sizes are confusing

6. New Balance Draw V1 TPU Molded Women's Lacrosse Shoe

Another cleat that will fit right in your lacrosse game is the New Balance Draw V1 shoes. When the other shoes by the brand afford you mesh and synthetic fabric as the construction material this one only offers synthetic. The 100% synthetic fabric construction prioritizes durability.

As a result, we will tell you to settle for this one if you want your cleats to last long. Imagine facing the hard hits with this one! The shoes will not damage and your feet will be under protection! What else do you need? Oh yes, you need comfort! And this pair of cleats will give you paramount comfort. To ensure this, the TPR outsole is enough.

The design certifies that your feet will not feel any cleat pressure at all! With the TPU molded cleat outsole, you will survive the game like a pro, even if you are a beginner! This is a low-cut cleat for lacrosse. So, you can already guess that traction is what this shoe promises!

No matter what the turf is, no matter what your body angle is, you will run well than the others. You will move and turn within seconds and that without falling because you have a rubber sole, remember? It’s available in two different colors.

Along with this, if you are in search of something the cheap women’s lacrosse cleats with better performance, this is what gives you the best deal! You get performance along with a reasonable price! There’s a reason why athletes love the New Balance, isn’t it?


  • Synthetic fabric construction
  • TPR outsole for better performance
  • Has a low-cut design
  • Comes with TPU molded cleat outsole
  • Affordable price
  • Designed for all turfs


  • The tongue is attached on both sides (required practice to get used to)

7. New Balance Burn X1 Women's Lacrosse Cleats

We never get bored of asking you to buy the New Balance shoes for lacrosse! And once you buy the Burn X1, you will know that this is value for your money!

If you want speed, there’s nothing compared to this one. We recommend this one for the downhill players especially. Whenever you require swift speed along with unmatched acceleration-this should be your go-to cleats.

The upper part is TPU skin. As this is specially made for lacrosse players, you will love the complete synthetic and breathable construction. The rubber sole will get the right grip and won’t let you slip! Moving is easy with these lightweight cleats with the maximizing downhill speed.

And when the traction is better, you can take turns faster and catch the ball before your opponent! Isn’t that a way to help you win?


  • Synthetic fabric construction
  • Rubber sole
  • Maximizes down-hill
  • Highly breathable design
  • TPU skin upper
  • No slippage


  • Issues with the right fit

Buying Guide for the Best Women’s Lacrosse Cleats

We can’t tell you that the girl’s lacrosse cleats are hard to find. But you know picking up the best one from the crowd can be difficult. You cannot just go and buy anyone! Let’s know which will fit you the best!

Choose for Best Comfort

If you can’t use the cleats to move just like your feet moves, you don’t need that pair! You are wearing the cleats for protection and better movements. But if they restrict your movement, don’t go for them.

Don’t pick the ones that will only serve you cleat pressure. You don’t deserve that! Your feet should be free but protected, go through hard surfaces yet not break or slip.

And the right cleats ensure all of these. Make sure your foot is in comfort while you play. The right ones won’t make your feet too sweaty, won’t pressurize your feet, and won’t restrict your motion!


Not to mention, women’s lacrosse cleats design, just like the men’s lacrosse cleats, have changed a lot over the years. The first thing you need to care for is the profile of your shoe. There are low-profile shoes along with the mid-profile and high-profile.

  • Low-profile shoes are incredible for affording you flexibility. Along with this, if you need quicker turns and acceleration, low-profile ones are the coolest. But keep in mind that these will not give you the ultimate protection.
  • On the other hand, the mid-profile ones are just the right deal for balanced ankle support along with the ability to move freely. Just like socks, wear them and run!
  • When it comes to ensuring the highest ankle support, you must pick up the high-profile ones. In this case, you need to sacrifice your flexibility and motion a bit to safeguard your ankle.


Not only the construction material of the best women’s lacrosse cleats decides how long the shoes will last but it also decides how your performance will be in the game. Several materials are used in constructing the lacrosse cleats.

There is synthetic fabric along with leather and foam fabric. But among them, we always suggest you settle for the breathable material. Along with being breathable, the material should be comfortable and long-lasting too.

These days, brands are constructing lacrosse cleats with a mixture of mesh and synthetic fabric. This certifies the balance between comfort and longevity.


The lighter shoes will help you run fast-we don’t disagree. Yes, when you settle for lightweight shoes, you can carry them without extra effort. As a result, running gets faster. But in this game of ball, we would not recommend you to go for the “lighter the better” phrase.

All you need to do is maintain the balance between the shoes that are easy to carry and those that will help you stay away from injuries. Shoes that have added protection facilities tend to be heavy.

But too heavy cleats will slow you down. So, we don’t recommend the big and bulkier ones here. Go for the balanced one; make sure you are protected yet comfortable.

Sole of the Cleats

You will get to see lacrosse cleats with metal spikes added to the sole. But metal cleats are now allowed in games like this. In this case, rubber soles are amazing because they make your feet stay on the ground and don’t let your slip.

Usually, the sole comes with six studs at the toe part and four studs at the heels. But this can increase. To get the best women’s lacrosse cleats, you have to research on the sole too.

Turf Cleats

If you are playing on the turfs, turf cleats are amazing. There are several built-in spiked or studs added to the sole already. Never go for these on natural surfaces or grass. In that case, you will lose traction.

Molded Cleats

When you are playing on natural grass, we recommend you going for the molded sole cleats. Here, the studs are placed in a design where there is a balance between stability and traction. Along with this, you will get durability too. You can use these in turfs too!

Detachable Option

If you are worried about the cleats sole, you may go for the cleats that have options to add or remove spikes or studs according to the surface or the game. With these, you can screw the studs if you need and take them off when you are done!


What’s the use of the lacrosse cleats that don’t fit you? That’s why the right fitting is necessary. If you settle for the cleats that are too tight to the feet, you won’t be able to move the feet properly. There will be cleat pressure.

Eventually, you will not be flexible. This will reduce your motion. So, are you planning to go for the bigger ones? Keep in mind that cleats that are too loose will eventually prevent your movements too. Too loose-fitting shoes can be an obstacle to your speed.

If you want better traction, go for the shoe that fits you, not too loose not too tight. If you have jamming issues, settle for shoelace holes.


Lacrosse cleats are available in varied ranges. For women’s lacrosse, you can easily get them within $100. But if you are an enthusiastic lacrosse player and you want to continue playing this game, we suggest you pick the top-notch ones.

Under Armour, ASICS, New Balance, etc. are the best brands for athletes. In that case, go for above $150 or $160 and settle for the one that provides comfort, performance, and durability. If the best women’s lacrosse cleats are something you want, you need all of these features together!

FAQs on Lacrosse Cleats for Women

What kind of cleats for women’s lacrosse?

Lacrosse cleats are designed for the protection of the feet during the game. In this case, women’s lacrosse shoes should provide high ankle support. Along with this, the proper grip while running on the ground is important.

Make sure that the shoes you pick up have additional heel support. Also, the toe area should fit better along with the forefoot. All you need is comfort and speed! Certify that there is no cleat pressure; otherwise, it will slow you down and also will cause foot pain.

Is there a difference between women’s and men’s lacrosse cleats?

In men’s Lacrosse games, we see legal aggression which is not visible in women’s lacrosse. And this is the reason men require more protection in this game than women. That goes the same way for the cleats too. In men’s lacrosse cleats, the protection level is higher than in women.

The padding or cushioning is higher in the game for males. Along with this, the shape also varies. In the case of women’s lacrosse cleats, the shoes are a bit wider around their toe area and the forefoot area. The heel region is a bit narrowed here.

On the other hand, the midsole material for women’s lacrosse cleats is not the same as men’s. There are differences in the heel support too. Women’s cleats have a design for extra support for their feet so that they can carry the weight of the larger hips.


Women or men, whatever the gender is, the game almost remains the same! And so, we again emphasize the comfort and flexibility of the best women’s lacrosse cleats along with the performance. Remember that top-notch brands are at the top for a reason!

Never go for cheap cleats because they will cause you pain, injury, and the worst performance you have ever done! A protective cleat with better traction that you can wear with ease is all you need!

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