Best Lacrosse Sticks In 2022

A beginner, an intermediate, or an elite lacrosse player- you can never play lacrosse well if the stick is not right! You will always search for the right stick for you. In this game of ball, the attacker, the middies, the defense, and even the goalie require a stick! How will you catch the ball, cradle it and throw it without a sturdy, comfortable, and worthy stick?  

So, it all depends on the stick you pick up! But there are tons of companies promoting their products to be the best! Are they all the best? NEVER! We understand your dilemma. And so, we did a little homework and made a list of the best Lacrosse sticks!

Call them whatever you like; we call them the best sticks! Depending on the performance, quality, durability, and comfort, they are ideal! Have faith in us, and check out the best sticks for your game!

In short, the stick we use in Lacrosse games is called a Lacrosse stick. Also known as Crosse, the stick's head is roughly triangular. With this, it is strung with netting. The netting is loose so that the ball can get inside it, or the player can easily catch the ball with it, carry it, pass it, and shot it.

A lacrosse stick has some parts. The stick part of it is the shaft, and the head is Lacrosse-head. In other words, it is a hooked stick of a long handle for hitting the Lacrosse ball, cradling, and shooting the ball!

Best Lacrosse Sticks for Attack and Middies

Attackers and the Midfielders are the real heroes of this game. Above all, they need to get the ideal stick to make it count! Check out the best lacrosse sticks for the midfielders and the attackers!

1. STX Lacrosse Stallion Attack and Midfielder Stick

The Lacrosse stick by STX is specially designed for attackers and midfielders. Though you can use this one in the defense sector, you should go for the attack and midfield with it. The overall design is for the players to develop their fundamentals.

STX presents the best Lacrosse sticks for attack along with the middies. The product will be just the right deal for the newbie! It is available in two different colors, black and white. So, you can pick up one matching your other equipment! The finish is glossy and posh. The handle of the stick is an alloy handle from the new STX 6000 series. Along with it, there are tonal Memory marker graphics added. The stick makes ball catching easy!

The handle of the set is of a 6000 series alloy design. Holding it while you catch the ball or carry it will be easy as this is lightweight. As this one is also designed for entry-level players, you can easily catch the ball and go for the goal!  As it has aluminum construction, you do not need to worry about corrosion!


  • Several weights available
  • 6000 series alloy handle
  • Aluminum shaft included
  • Soft material molded head added
  • Premium mesh strung
  • Corrosion-resistant stick
  • Sturdy, durable, and lightweight


  • A little short for tall players

2. CAKLOR Lacrosse Complete Attack and  Midfield Stick

Another brand that will provide you with great lacrosse sticks for the attackers and the middies is CAKLOR. The best part of this specific stick is it is available in different weights. You can get the 0.8-pound stick here along with the 0.45 kg and 0.9 kg ones too! So, you can grab according to your weight lifting capacity!

The shaft of the stick is of aluminum. So, you already know how sturdy it is! The brand offers you a lacrosse stick head molded with soft material. So, getting the ball won't be tough at all! Along with this, the mesh used here is of premium and professional quality.

The handle of the set is of a 6000 series alloy design. Holding it while you catch the ball or carry it will be easy as this is lightweight. As this one is also designed for entry-level players, you can easily catch the ball and go for the goal!  As it has aluminum construction, you do not need to worry about corrosion!


  • Several weights available
  • 6000 series alloy handle
  • Aluminum shaft included
  • Soft material molded head added
  • Premium mesh strung
  • Corrosion-resistant stick
  • Sturdy, durable, and lightweight


  • A little short for tall players

3. Warrior Burn Warp Senior Attack Lacrosse Stick

As the name says, this one is a perfect design for the attackers in your Lacrosse games. Available in black color, this stick has a narrow head. For the ball getting inside the neat quickly, the head strung has a semi-soft mesh construction. It keeps the balance between longevity and easy-catching.

The design is for the intermediate players that are 12 and under. So, you cannot expect to carry this one is a serious level game. The attack length of the lacrosse stick by Warrior is 40". It is one of the best lacrosse sticks for the attackers and the midfielders because it meets NFHS and US Lacrosse standards. Along with it, it also meets CLA and FIL men's field standards.

Like most sticks, it also comes in two parts, the head and the shaft. All you need to do is attach the parts of a lacrosse stick and play your game! And you won't be disheartened with either of these. For the newbie, the design is lightweight. So, it is easy to hold and carry throughout the field. The price is also affordable for the quality the brand provides.


  • Designed for intermediate players
  • Has a narrow head
  • Semi-soft head strung
  • Meets all field standards
  • Attack length of 40"
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Affordable price


  • Takes time to get used to the stick

4. StringKing Complete 2 Senior Attacks Lacrosse Stick

Like the previously mentioned best Lacrosse sticks by StringKing, this senior lacrosse stick is also designed for attackers. Available in black color, this stick will help you provide a worry-free performance. The best part about this stick is it is strung with type 3 mesh. Another interesting fact is the maintenance of this lacrosse stick is effortless!

You can use this one not only for the entry-level players but for the experienced players too! The head will come pre-stung, and so you do not need to work much on it. On the other hand, the shaft of this kit is alloy made!

Also, with this, you will get a touch stick that can rule the field! Also, the stick is very lightweight, which makes the carrying process easier. So, in short, the ball control will be at a maximum level. And you can use it no matter you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player!


  • Designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced players
  • Type 3-mesh for easy catching
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Head comes to pre-strung
  • Alloy shaft for a perfect game
  • Maximum ball control


  • Has durability issues

5. Maverik Charger Attack Lacrosse Stick

The Maverik Charger complete lacrosse stick has a level 2 bottom rail. This stick is fantastic for creating a balance between release and hold. So, if you worry about the control of your lacrosse stick, this one can make you proud!

Along with this, the face shape is quite generous. As a result, the catching surface at the top is larger. When you catch the ball, it gets it pretty quicker than the other sticks and makes your work easier! For the perfect control of the ball, the lacrosse stick has a very narrow throat. So now, controlling the ball and attacking the opponent is not tough at all!

The speed shape shaft is of 6000 series alloy. This makes it lightweight enough to carry it comfortably. Top-notch mesh and stringing make it one of the best complete Lacrosse sticks. Also, the mesh added here is semi-hard. In this case, you will indeed feel that your game is going accurately with the right stick! So, the Maverick one is the perfect deal for beginners.


  • Designed for the newbie
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • Narrow throat for ultimate control
  • High-grade mesh and stringing
  • Provides a balance between release and hold
  • Alloy shaft for easily moving with it


  • Not designed for the seasoned players

6. Warrior Evo Warp Next Complete Lacrosse Stick Attack

With this 40" attack stick, you can do almost anything you want to win the game! As this one has a tight face shape, you are going to enjoy playing with it! Along with this, to refine stick skills, you are going to have the all-around pocket here!

Your skills will upgrade, and you will be better in the game every day! The pocket of this one comes ready. So, you do not need any break-in time with it! Also, there are no adjustments and maintenance you need with this Lacrosse stick! The pocket is also unchanging and weather-resistant. No matter where you play or when you play, it will provide you the same result!

Along with all of these, holding this one is comfortable. The shaft will perfectly fit over your fingers. And, the Warrior stick makes it comfortable, easy to play with, and a perfect skill developer! Try this one, and you'll start loving it!


  • Designed for 12 players and under
  • Tight face shape
  • Improves the playing skills
  • All-around pocket added
  • No adjustment and maintenance required
  • Weather-resistant facility


  • Un-adjustable (some people prefer forming their head and pocket)

7. STX Lacrosse Fortress 700 Complete Stick

We always vouch for the STX brand whenever it comes to the Lacrosse sticks. It is because of their high-quality products! Along with this, the brand affords the best performance in the field too! This one, just like the previous STX stick, is also available in both black and white color.

So, it's easy for you to select one depending on your preference. Now, let us talk about the design! It has an ideal face shape, not too large, not too small, to catch your ball at the right time. Along with this, the pinch for the ball retention is narrow. And the scoop for catching is wide! In short, it keeps the balance between the releases and holds perfectly!

There is a deeper pocket for carrying the ball by making the sidewall height low. But trust us; this will not sacrifice the strength at all! The kit will come with the mesh, shaft, and head altogether. It has a targeted grip. As a result, it provides an excellent fit for you as a player! The versatility of the stick will assuredly amaze you. In easy words, this one is comfortable and lightweight too!


  • Ideal face shape added
  • Narrow pinch included
  • Has a wide scoop for catching
  • Reduced sidewall height
  • Deep pocket for ball carrying
  • Versatile, comfortable, and lightweight
  • Comes with color preferences


  • Has durability issues

8. Franklin Sports Lacrosse Stick for Attack and Middies

Among the best Lacrosse sticks, the attackers and middies love this stick by Franklin Sports. The length of the stick is 30," and it is a full-sized stick. The design is for the development of your fundamental skills. The premium design of the stick has aluminum construction. So, you can already tell that it is very lightweight for quick agility.

You will get versatile movements with it no matter who you are playing with. With this, you can catch the ball easily and control it while carrying. It also includes a neo-grip surface. As a result, it will never slip from your hands. Yes, even in the rains, it will stick to your hands. The stick is easily adjustable to the hand, providing cradling stability. The mesh used here is 10 Diamond semi-soft mesh. If a fast break-in is all you want, go for this best lacrosse stick!

Including a deeper pocket, your game will be perfect with it. The ready-to-play pocket comes with both the head and the shaft. It comes assembled, and you do not need to worry about the assembly in this case. Suppose you are a newbie or an intermediate player; you can use this stick for your game and win it!


  • Full-sized stick
  • Designed for both the beginners and intermediate players
  • No assembly required
  • Lightweight for quick agility
  • Aluminum constriction
  • No slipping
  • Swift break-in
  • Easy cradling facility


  • Not for the extremely seasoned players

9. StringKing Complete 2 Pro Attack Lacrosse Stick

StringKing, as the name refers, is the king of the most delicate lacrosse sticks! The shaft and head of the stick are for attackers and the middies. With exceptional control, you will also get accurate shots with it. The construction of this one is with the Type 4 performance mesh. In short, you will get a softer and thinner structure of the mesh.

Eventually, the feel will be better, and the control will be outstanding! Another amazing fact is you get the ultimate consistency with this lacrosse stick. As it has a carbon fiber construction, you are not going to lose the game with it. Though the product is lightweight, it provides ultra-consistent performance. While holding it, you will enjoy the soft-touch coating.

So, there is not a chance of slipping this one from your hand while playing the game. The coating will keep the grip strong. Even in the rains, it will stay stuck to your hands. It has a wide face shape so that you know down passes easily! StringKing Complete 2 pro is a versatile mid-pocket lacrosse stick that will develop your game gradually!


  • Provides ultimate consistency
  • Has a broad face for perfect passes
  • Controls the ball easily
  • Soft and thin mesh
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Grips to the hand and no slipping
  • Soft-touch coating added


  • Requires care while using

Best Lacrosse Defense Sticks

1. STX Lacrosse Stallion 200 Defense Complete Stick

The STX Stallion 200 Defense Complete stick is inspired by the Elite Stallion U 550. The stick by the brand is a revised version. So, naturally, you will get a better version of the previous product! The design will assist intermediate to athletic defenders in developing fundamental stick skills. The Stallion 200's head is of soft mesh material.

As a result, you will get a tolerant reaction and better defense! The redesign provides you a better performance. With this one, you will get increased durability. Also, hope for the perfect targeting; it will assuredly hit the exact spot you want!

The boy's Lacrosse stick by STX provides a controlled grip throughout the game. The handle also features the Stallion 6000 Series alloy holder. It has Memory Marker graphics engrave to give it a majestic look. Complaints are that the stick is sometimes too large for the young kids to play with. Otherwise, it plays just fine and is perfect as an additional tool.


  • Soft mesh material added
  • Handle features "memory marker" graphics
  • Satisfies NCAA and NFHS Rules
  • Easy catching facility
  • Durable construction
  • Amazing ball control
  • Entry-level player friendly


  • Not for the young players

2. Evo Warp Next Defense Stick

The players love Warrior Evo Warp Next for its incredible performance in the field. It has a Kryptolyte shaft. Playing with the stick, you'll be 100% sure of how your stick will throw as the pockets are unchanging.

According to the players, this is sturdy and perfect for withstanding the hit of the ball. Evo Warp defensive Lacrosse stick gives you the confidence to refine your stick skills. Polypropylene material makes it further weather-resistant. It allows the users to play with the stick year-round. And you do not have to worry about the maintenance.

No matter it is raining or not, there is no chance of slipping; thus, defense sticks from your hand, my friend! Also, we provide plus points for the wrap pockets! These come pre-adjusted & game-ready. You do not need to work with it much before you hit the field! Designed for players under the age of 14 but might fall short if the player is taller for his age.


  • Weather-resistant facility
  • Sturdy construction material
  • Wide head for catching the ball
  • Arrives game-ready and hassle-free
  • Maintenance is easy


  • Not designed for high-school players

3. WARRIOR Burn Next Defenders Lacrosse Stick

The Warrior Burn Next Def Lacrosse Stick has a beginner-friendly design. The best fact is you get a durable and highly featured product at a very affordable rate. If you search for the Lacrosse sticks for men with easy scoop designs, these will be the best! The design will allow you to pick the ball swiftly.

As a result, it will work better in terms of defending. The head is narrow so that you can control the ball better. Along with this, the semi-soft mesh will also afford you precision in the field. If accuracy is your demand, all you need is to get hitched to this stick now!

The lacrosse stick's head is none-breakable. No matter how hard the ball hit, you are going to survive with the stick unbroken and unbent! It will also be a boost to your skills. The Warrior Evo next has its reputation for high performance. With a length of 54", it is best for defenders and midfielders.


  • Beginner-friendly stick
  • Semi-soft mesh for catching the ball
  • High School & NCAA approved
  • Meets all NFHS, US Lacrosse, CLA, and FIL field specifications
  • Sturdy and doesn't bent
  • Used by the best athletes


  • Not designed for women

4. Evo Wrap Defense Complete Lacrosse Stick

The Warrior EVO Wrap Complete Defense Stick is made in the USA. Considered as one of the best lacrosse sticks for midfielders, you will be proud of it! The head construction is of EVO Krypto pro D diamond rod. For the construction this defense stick has, you can highly rely on it. It will be durable for you no matter how you use it!

The head material is excellent for releasing the ball properly. So, when you want to improve your ball releasing sector, pick up this one!  It is an updated version of the previous EVO Wrap defense stick. The complaints of the last stick are not more here! The best part is this one is great in terms of consistency.

It makes no difference your age or skill level; this one will cooperate with you in the field. Made with 40% Polypropylene, 30% Polyethylene, and 30% Polyamide, the product has high resistance. The resistance will stand against all force and torches.

The whip level 1 provides the lowest amount of whip and releases the ball most quickly. It makes it excellent for an attackman or midfield player. As the mentioned athletes operate closely, this piece serves them with just the right amount of swiftness to get the shots off.


  • Lightweight to carry
  • Pocket friendly and easy to move with it
  • Has high resistance
  • Rapid performance in the field
  • Suitable for all age groups
  • Easy ball releasing facility


  • Requires practice to use

5. Brine Alias X Complete Lacrosse Defense Stick

Brine makes one of the best Lacrosse sticks for middies in the marker, no doubt! Ran by the Brine family, today Brine Sporting Goods is a sister concern of Warrior Sports Incorporation. The Alias of Lacrosse defense sticks has earned goodwill in the industry as well as across the globe. Let's talk about the shaft first. The construction is of exclusive composite materials. And the shape of the diameter provides additional grip to the players for better handling.

So, controlling the ball when it is inside your stick is not tough anymore! There is Ultra Mesh added around the sidewalls of the head. This part provides more agreeing pockets when it comes to catching, throwing, and cradling. In short, your catch, throw, and cradle will be better with this one! Along with this, this one is weather-resistant.

Even in the rains, you will get the same performance. Also, it won't slip from your hands no matter what! The material of the handle is also durable, and it will provide you a comfortable grip. So, You won't be bothered about holding it for long when you are in the field!


  • Perfect ball control
  • Weather-resistant feature
  • Durable and comfortable handle
  • Suitable stick length for any player
  • Mesh head for easy ball catching
  • Provides additional grip


  • Not for high-level professional games

Best Lacrosse Goalie Sticks

We have talked about the lacrosse sticks for the attacks, midfielders, and the defense side. And now, we will discuss the goalie sector too. Get a look at the best lacrosse sticks for goalies!

1. STX Shield 100 CSSH10 Lacrosse Goalie Stick

Available in three different colors, the OS-sized cool Lacrosse stick for the goalies is one of the best among the available goalie sticks for lacrosse in the market. The rec-level goalies will surely love it! It comes with 23-diamond semi-hard mesh material to make the ball doesn't get in! It is a beginner-level goalie stick, and so you cannot play with it in high-level games.

For the design, you have to give it a full mark! STX one is a lot sturdier than the other sticks for the goalie. No matter how hard you blow it, nothing will damage the goalie's head. Along with this, it has a study design.

And so, the shaft will stay fine after a hard hit too! It has the ultimate rigidity too. The product has closed sidewalls. So, there's nothing that can change the stick head! There will be no crack and no break at all! The added Dura monster mesh will not break the ball too!


  • Beginner-level goalie stick
  • Made for hard-hit
  • No chance of breaks and cracks
  • Closed sidewalls added
  • Sturdy shaft and head
  • Perfectly designed for the goalie 
  • Available in different colors


  • Not designed for professional games

2. STX Lacrosse Eclipse 2 Goalie Stick

The STX white stick by STX Lacrosse is specially designed for the goalie. Yes, we cannot stop talking about the STX sticks. It is because these sticks can change your game completely! The perfectly updated sidewalls can deal with the ball without any effort.

Along with this, the sidewalls have an increased stiffness added. So, catching the ball without any worry is what you can do in your game! The best part is the stiffness the sidewall provides will not add any extra weight to your stick. So, holding the stick won't be heavy for you at all! Apart from this, you will get plenty of stringing holes.

It is easy for you to customize the pocket for you the way you want! The ergonomic throat of the stick will afford you the ultimate control. And so, controlling the ball will never be tough for you anymore! This one is the stiffer version of the previous or original Eclipse. So, you already know how sturdy it is for your recreational game days!


  • Updates sidewall design
  • Stiffer and sturdier
  • Several stringing holes for customization
  • Ergonomic throat design
  • Easy to hold and use
  • Utmost control over the ball


  • Expensive

Buying Guide for the Best Lacrosse Sticks

We have discussed all the ideal Lacrosse stick preferences for your game! But you cannot buy all of them! Which one you will buy is ultimately your decision. Here, we can help you with the decision assuredly! Learn about what to consider before you buy the best lacrosse sticks!

According to Your Playing Positions

The lacrosse stick also depends on the playing position! Go through them, and you will know!


If you are an attacker, you cannot buy all the sticks you find in the market. You have to search for sticks between 40 to 42 inches in length. The short-length lacrosse sticks will help you move the ball comfortably. Go for the lightweight shaft because you have to attack. Alloy material can be excellent for you! You can also pick up composite!


The same goes for the midfielders when it comes to choosing your lacrosse stick length. We suggest you get a stick that has a length of 40-42 inches or close. It will make your game swift! In cases, midfielders also prefer the 52-72 inches shaft! While picking up the material, select titanium and alloy.


If you are in the defense size, you have to be careful when picking up the shaft. The length of the shaft cannot be less than 52. Also, do not pick up one that has a shaft length of more than 72 inches. Any good-grade material is impressive here. You should go for the scandium alloy shaft or the blended shafts. It will afford you balance between the lightweight nature and the sturdiness.


For the goalie, the preference can be wide. You can pick up any Lacrosse goalie stick from 40 inches to 72 inches. This will entirely depend on your choice!!

Note: If you are a Youth player, we recommend you pick up a youth lacrosse stick that you can handle. Also, the proper fitment is necessary for you.

Know your Skill Level

You cannot just go to the market and pick up the prettiest lacrosse stick or the sturdiest. In the case of choosing, you have to keep your skill level in your mind. It includes your ability along with the game playing level. While playing the game, different levels will provide you different rules. The rules also apply to the stick you are picking up.


For beginners, settle for a flexible mesh pocket. With the flexible mesh, handling the ball is easy. Also, make sure you are picking up the lightweight stick. The thinner shaft will provide you more control. And for making the control better, go for the wide scoop!


For the intermediate players of lacrosse, we recommend semi-soft mesh. You can go for the semi-hard mesh when you start to develop the game gradually. This will afford you improved power. For controlling the ball, settle for a narrow head. And don't forget to customizable options; you have to take benefit of these too!

Professional or Elite

The professional or elite players, you have to go for the Lacrosse sticks. They have an accurate design for seasoned players. Durable materials are preferable for the shaft. As the ball is going to hit hard, the head of the stick should withstand it.

The pockets should be stiffer. Keep in mind that, in professional games, you need improved power along with the ultimate accuracy. Go for the more customizable option to make your game more challenging for the opponent. Grip positioning will require adjustment here. Pick up the stick wisely.

Size and Shape of the Stick  

The size or shape of the stick is something to worry about if you are a Lacrosse player. Yes, the shape of the handle ultimately depends on your preference. You can go for the Concave octagon shape or the traditional shape too.

There is a Speed shape and an Octagon shape available. On the other hand, the length of the stick can be 40-72 inches. Pick up the one that fits you better according to your position in the field and your comfort.

Mesh of the Stick

The mesh of the lacrosse stick is something you cannot ignore. If you need to control the ball, you have to get a deeper pocket. In this way, the ball stays stable. But while picking up the best, you will find both hard and soft mesh.

A flexible mesh pocket is great for beginners! But for the elite players, we recommend stiffer pockets. On the contrary, the intermediate players can have both semi-soft and semi-hard ones according to their liking.

Head of the Stick

According to the NFHS and the NCSS, there is a standard sizing for the head of your stick. According to NFHS, the scoop should be 6.5 inches wide, and the throat should be 2.5 inches wide. On the contrary, the NCAA says, 6.0 inches scoop and 3.0 inches throat is perfect. By NCAA and NFHS, you can pick up the standard 6.5-inch scoop and 3.0-inch throat.


The price of the lacrosse stick varies from brand to brand. It also depends on the quality, comfort, features, and performance. The starting price of the sticks is $11. And the price goes high up above $250.

In this case, we recommend you pay a little extra if the product provides better performance. Also, don't forget to cut down the additional features that you don't need. These unnecessarily increase the price.

FAQs about Lacrosse Sticks

What are Lacrosse sticks made of?

The Lacrosse sticks that are available in the market have titanium and aluminum construction. Alloy and scandium are also popular materials for constructing lacrosse sticks. However, you will also see shafts with fiberglass, plastic, wood, etc., construction.

What do you need to string a Lacrosse Stick?

To string a Lacrosse stick, you need to buy an unstrung lacrosse head first. And then, get one basic stringing kit. There will be mesh along with two sidewall strings. There will be one top and one bottom string along with some shooter strings. With these, a screw and the lacrosse ball will make it work for you!

How do you know what size lacrosse stick to get?

There are available lacrosse sticks in the market from 40-inch to 72-inch. For the goalies, you can get anyone from this length, depending on your choice. But for the defense, we recommend you to go for 52-72 inches. And for the attackers, settle for a 40-42 inches stick!

How long should lacrosse stick be?

Lacrosse sticks can be from 40-72 inches. But the stick should be comfortable enough for you to carry and deal with the ball. Make sure that the stick is of the right length for your position. Attackers can get 40-42 inches stick while the defense section should go for 52-72. The goalies can settle for any among 40 to 72 inches!

Wrap Up

We have covered all the best Lacrosse sticks that will do the best job for you. There are options for the attack, middies, defense, and the goalie. No matter your position in the field, you will give your best if you pick up the right one! Among them, choose the one that fits you better!

Have a close look at the positive and negative aspects of the sticks. And eventually, it will help you reduce your options and find the right deal!

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