Best Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector Reviews In 2022

Faulty chest protectors while playing lacrosse as a goalie can cost you serious injury! That's undoubtedly not what you want! And so, in 2019, US Lacrosse changed the rules for the goalies that used faulty chest protectors. From then on, you have to ensure that the goalie chest protector you are using is not defective! 

Not only a faulty chest protector can ruin your game or injure you, but an imperfect fit can also do the same! So can it make you uncomfortable while playing! Then, what can you do to protect yourself and keep the body flexible enough to play the game with comfort?

Yes, you guessed right! You need to pick up one of the best lacrosse goalie chest protector for your game! We know picking up one can be difficult! But we are at your aid!

We have come about with a list of the top eight lacrosse goalie chest protectors of the market. Take a look at the features and details so that it gets easy for you to find the best lacrosse chest protector for you.


Product name



STX Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector Shield 600

Maverik EKG Lacrosse Goalie Chest Pad

STX Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector Shield 400

01. STX Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector Shield 600

As the name says, from the famous lacrosse equipment brand STX, it is a genuine shield on the chest of a lacrosse goalie. This lacrosse goalie chest pad is a new release, so you can expect betterment here more than in the other models. The chest plate is capable of guarding the vitals properly. In the meantime, it will also afford you the flexibility to move your body so that you can save your team and the goalpost.

When it comes to the quick high to low saves, your arms require more flexibility. And for this, the brand has made the stretch points soft. This doesn't make you uncomfortable while stretching the arms. As this protector comes in three different sizes, it gets easier to pick up the one that fits you.

For more perfection, the straps added to the chest guard are adjustable. You can customize them and try the best fit for you! An additional stomach pad is included with this new Lacrosse goalie chest protector for extra safety. It helps increase 1/3 of the area for your comfort zone. On the other hand, for your convenience, it is removable too! The low-profile design ensures that you get protection first.

You can rely on this lacrosse chest pad because this lacrosse goalie chest protector meets all NOCSAE standards for chest protection.


  • Incredible drip level
  • Designed for flexible movements
  • Removable stomach pad included
  • Soft stretch points for arms
  • Vast protection area
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit
  • Sizes available


  • Confusing sizes
  • Not colorful (if you like colors)

02. Maverik Large/X-Large EKG Lacrosse Goalie Chest Pad

It is easy to find many chest pads that fit you when you have a larger body. But the more challenging job is to make them protect you. And Maverick EKG goalie chest pad does both of them for you! The External Kardiac Guard ensures that you get the ultimate protection you need to play as a goalie.

The ANAFORM chest plates added to the kit are designed to absorb the energy and disperse it from impact. Also, when it is about the freedom of your movement, you can blindly have faith in the Maverik chest pads. The straps are made of elastic. And so, you not only get the security but also get the perfect fit.

And to make it work better according to your body shape, it has adjustable straps. So, no tighter chest protector making you uncomfortable anymore! You can customize the fit and go for it! The added technology named QuickDry helps to take the moisture away. As a result, even if you are sweating a lot while playing, your skin will be dry and relaxed, and you will feel fresh!


  • EKG protection added
  • Chest plates absorb and disperse energy
  • Elastic straps for security and comfort
  • Keeps you cool, dry, and fresh
  • Customizable straps included
  • Provides freedom of your movement
  • Best for larger bodies


  • Vulnerable bottom part
  • Not designed for smaller bodies

03. STX Lacrosse Goalie Chest Protector Shield 400

When you search for a budget-friendly chest pad and yet protects like a pro, you must settle for this STX lacrosse goalie chest protector. Yes, the brand is remarkable in constructing chest pads for the goalie, and this one is also NOCSAE approved. The strap system design in a way that provides adjustability to every person.

With a good-grade drip level, it has a floating chest pad. This kind of pad allows your body to move the way you want, providing you the protection you need. Just like the previous STX product, this one also has a removable stomach pad. Along with this, the shoulder caps are also removable. You can add padding here too, which makes it more secure for any goalie in the field!

The construction ensures the ultimate comfort in the best price range. Though the coverage area is average, it affords utmost mobility. And you do not have to worry about the coverage as you can add coverage according to your preference!


  • NOCSAE approved protection
  • Floating chest pad added
  • Removable options for padding
  • Coverage adding facility available
  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Adjustable straps for a perfect fit


  • Top snaps tend to pop loose
  • Provides small coverage

04. Warrior Nemesis Goalie Chest Pad

Another super-cool chest pad that you, as a goalie, can be proud of is this warrior Nemesis one. This is the best option if you have a small body and are searching for a small chest pad. Mostly, the larger ones don't fit in small bodies. You can get one if you prefer small or x-small fittings for you. The shoulder caps of the protector are made to face the front.

And the forward-facing caps are appreciable in terms of versatility. These are also flexible and adjustable according to your preference. You will get good coverage with the shoulder caps. And when you are dealing with a wider range of motion, the best part is you can also plan to remove these without any complications! Along with the shoulder caps, the chest plate also has a neat design. It is designed with Bone System and Impax foam.

With these, you can expect superior performance without injuring your body a bit! The stomach pad included in the set is a floating pad. It helps the chest pad stay in its proper place and prevents it from riding up while moving. This will be a savior when you are up for the low saves!


  • Designed for small bodies
  • Forward-facing shoulder caps added
  • The Impax foam chest plate
  • The stomach pad keeps the chest pad in position
  • Good coverage shoulder caps
  • Customizable padding system 
  • Provides ultimate mobility


  • Break-in period
  • Not great for larger bodies

05. Maverik Max EKG Lacrosse Protector

This shoulder and chest pad for the Lacrosse goalie is going to blow your mind with the incredible features it owns. The straps added to the chest and shoulder guard are made of elastic. And the best part of elastic straps is they provide you a more secure fit than the other sorts of straps. Along with this, the back straps of this protector are designed in an adjustable manner.

So, you can easily find the right fit for your body. From medium to large to extra-large, you will get three different sizes available for this product. This best Lacrosse Goalie chest protector 2021 is designed to move your body without any discomfort to ensure flexibility and mobility. In the case of protection, it has a rounded teardrop-shaped pad included. As this is round, you see your arms to be freely movable! The drip level of the product is high, and it helps increase the protection at the bottom part.

More than everything, the brand has emphasized the flexibility of your arms. If you want that, this is surely going to be your favorite! This is also battle-tested and NOCSAE approved! If you are too sweaty on the field, this can make you feel a little comfortable! Yes, the QuickDry technology by the brand will keep you cool and dry by keeping the moisture away from you!


  • Battle-tested and NOCSAE approved
  • Designed for the ultimate arms flexibility
  • High drip level
  • Adjustable back straps
  • Elastic straps for security
  • Perfect fit for any figure
  • Keeps the body dry and cool


  • It might strike your helmet
  • More emphasis on the arms over the other body parts

06. STX Medium Lacrosse Shield 200 Goalie Chest Protector

For the medium-shaped bodies, if you want to settle for the STX lacrosse chest protectors, you can get your hands on this one as the brand has over and over proved its potential. The outlook of the chest protector is very cool and just like the other ones by the brand; this one too meets the standard of NOCSAE.

The best part of the chest plate is protecting you from everything with the hard body protective shield. It is made of hard plastic. And so, you can expect it to be strong enough to guard your body! Along with this, the construction material makes it durable too! The hard plastic also uses in constructing the shoulder caps, making them stronger and long-lasting. In short, the protection is higher here. To serve you the right fit, it has multiple hinges.

You can fit it according to your choice! If you require additional coverage, you can check out the stomach pad option too. Any goalie can add or remove padding here! The drip level is more than average here, and it will fit the people better than have a narrow body area. And the most amazing fact is you get all of these facilities at a very reasonable price!


  • Meets the NOCSAE standard
  • Constructed with hard plastic for protection
  • Additional stomach padding is available
  • Durable construction material
  • Good-grade drip level
  • Multiple hinges for the right fit
  • Designed for medium bodies


  • Low-grade pad quality
  • Provides coverage to a narrow area

07. Warrior Nemesis Pro Goalie Chest Protector

This protector chest pad comes in three pieces, and it is in black. Just like the previous Goalie chest pad by Warrior Nemesis, this one also has an Impax foam chest plate but better! Whenever you deal with the low shot speeds or the high ones, you will need a chest pad like this.

It has enhanced impact absorption capability, and so you are protected in every way with it! You can rely on it as it is NOCSAE-approved. As we said, this one is a three-piece pad, so you get the utmost flexibility. Whether you are crossing your arms or just moving across your body, you can always benefit from the mobility it provides.

When impacted, the impact spreads all over the pad, so your specific body parts don't get injured. If you want maximum protection, you can add padding, and if you want more flexibility, you can remove them. Balancing between flexibility and security is easier here. The drip level of this one is high too. According to your wish you can adjust the belts and enjoy being a goalie now!


  • NOCSAE-approved chest protector
  • The Impax foam chest plate
  • Great for low and high shot speeds
  • Three-piece design for customizing
  • High impact absorption ability
  • Customizable padding
  • Adjustable strap fittings


  • Break-in period
  • Not designed for goalies with a long torso

08. Maverik MX EKG Lacrosse Goalie Chest Pad

No, we will never stop talking about the Lacrosse chest pads by the Maverick brand because they deserve the stage! This one by the same brand offers you the same NOCSAE-approved protection level. But along with that, it affords you perfection if you are a newbie. When the new goalies are in search of a perfect chest protector, we recommend this one. It is the same as the MAX chest pad we reviewed before but with the dialed-back spin.

And this makes it the best choice for beginner goalies. The clunky protector is for advanced games. When you are a newbie, you should get something that makes you learn more with the required amount of protection. And this is it! The teardrop design of the Lacrosse Goalie chest protector EKG protects your body without discomfort.

It has the same adjustable straps to fit your body in every way. Also, to reduce the impact, the AnaForm chest plates will be at your rescue. It provides more emphasis on the flexibility of your arms while playing. And the drip level is also amazing!


  • Battle-tested NOCSAE-approved chest pad
  • Impact reduction technology
  • Flexible arm movement
  • Adjustable straps for the right fit
  • Teardrop design for utmost protection
  • Flexibility without any bunching 


  • Not great for the advanced games
  • The bottom part is vulnerable

Buying Guide for the Best Lacrosse Goalie Chest protector

Protection and Safety

It's simple; you are paying for it because you want it to protect you! While getting your hands on the Lacrosse goalie chest protector, you must ensure that the padding is high-grade and emphasizes the chest area. Also, it should be large enough to cover the vital points of your chest. Check your torso and then decide if the chest protector is capable of protecting you or not.

Comfort and Breathability

If you are wearing something like this on your chest, you indeed will feel a little discomfort. But these days, the brands have come up with construction materials and techniques that ensure you the utmost breathability. Check for the material. Also, some of them have technologies that will help you push away your sweat and keep your dry and cool!

Not to forget, you cannot ignore the comfort when you are deciding on a chest pad or protector. If it is giving you discomfort on the chest or while moving the arms, you won't be able to play properly. Make sure you can feel relaxed. The product should be a balance between protection and flexibility.


Don't go for chest protectors too loose or too tight. Too lose protectors won't protect you! And the too tight ones will make you feel discomfort, and you will not be able to provide your best performance.

You can get the right size and make sure the chest protector has adjustable features for the straps. Don't forget to check out the Lacrosse goalie chest protector sizing chart to learn about your perfect fit. Customizable goalie protectors are the best deal here!

Look for Extra Protection

Go for the ones that provide you the facility for adding extra protection. Most of the chest protectors these days afford your ability to add and remove the padding. If you can add padding, it will be easy for you to add some when you are playing an advanced-level game. Look for this additional facility always.


Not all chest protectors will be great as there are variations in the construction. Especially, the straps and the padding should be of high-grade construction. Go for Velcro straps to make sure they last long. Check the quality of the padding and the outer part before you buy it. Certify that it meets the ND200 standard. 


There are goalie chest protectors for Lacrosse available in different price ranges. However, good-quality ones will cost you a bit extra. If you want to reduce the cost or if you have a tight budget, you can cut down on the additional features and only settle for the features that you will need in the future. Don't go buying cheap ones as they are not long-lasting and won't protect you properly.

FAQs on Goalie Chest Protector for Lacrosse

Do Lacrosse Goalies need mouthguards?

Every Lacrosse player, along with the goalie requires to wear mouthguards. A mouthguard ensures the protection of the teeth just like the chest protector protects the chest. Along with teeth, it protects the gums, lips, and entire mouth area. To protect the cheeks and jaws too, Goalies of Lacrosse should wear a mouthguard.

Does Lacrosse Goalie need extra chest protection?

Like all other lacrosse goalie equipment helmets, throat guard, gloves, etc., the Lacrosse goalie will need chest protection. They are the only player in the game that is allowed to touch the ball with their hand. And in this process, when the opponent tries to throw the ball to the post, he tries to prevent the ball from getting inside the goal post with all the power the goalie has. While doing so, there is a chance of the ball hitting the chest hard and injure or, in severe cases, may cause the death of the goalie. So, it requires that to protect the heart and the body, a Lacrosse goalie requires extra chest protection while playing.

Wrap Up

So, you already got that picking up one from hundreds of Lacrosse goalie chest protectors available in the market is not a simple piece of work. But we have made your job easy; the list includes the top goalie chest pads in the market!

All the recommend best Lacrosse Goalie chest protector will protect you and provide you the utmost comfort and flexibility. You just need to pick up one from the list, try it and let us know your review! We assure you, you will like it!

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