Best Lacrosse Cleats In 2022

Metal cleats are incredible to afford you traction and provide you protection. But you can’t choose metal cleats for lacrosse. Then what cleats can you go for if you are a Lacrosse player? There are hundreds of brands with thousands of products.

And so, we did a little homework on the best Lacrosse cleats of this time, both recommended by the user ad according to the performance, quality, and durability. Say goodbye to sweaty feet with possible injuries! Let’s learn about the right cleat for your game today!

Who cares about your feet when you are already busy with the Lacrosse ball? We do! And that’s the reason we kept no stones unturned to bring up the best Lacrosse cleats for making you the winner!

1. New Balance Store Men’s V3 Agility Lacrosse Cleats

It does not matter the dimension of your feet; you will get the perfect cleats if you search for the New Balance brand. Apart from the various available sizes, you get a rubber sole here. So, you can completely rely on the sole even if you are going through a rough game. This is a more advanced construction than the previous V1 and V2 models. If you have researched even a little about the brand, you already know they are one of the bests lacrosse shoes.

The basic construction of this whole kit is done with mesh/synthetic material. They also ensured that they use breathable material to make you feel comfortable while wearing it. keeping your ankle in the right place, there is a hybrid tongue added. The demanding cuts are there to support you while you move your feet. For pivoting, the plate design of these cleats is especially for lacrosse.

When it comes to traction, the outsole matters. As this Lacrosse cleats for youth has a TPR outsole, you can expect incredible traction from now on! The lightweight design allows you to run without any discomfort. It will provide you a secure and snug fit. Another amazing fact is, the shoes don’t include any sew overlays! There are seven colors available in the list, so go for anyone you pick!


  • Breathable mesh/synthetic construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Rubber Sole
  • No-sew overlays
  • Provides secure and snug fit
  • Pivoting-friendly plate design 
  • Keeps feet in the right place with the hybrid tongue


  • Has confusion regarding the size (different size from the previous version)

2. Under Armour Spotlight MC Men's Lacrosse Cleats

Another men’s Lacrosse shoe that will provide your perfect size is the Under Armour Spotlight MC cleats. Yes, these have sizes more than you can imagine. And they also include eight neutral and vibrant colors for their shoes.

The construction of the lacrosse shoes is of breathable textile and synthetic. Along with this, the sole is synthetic too! The users love it because of the ultra-lightweight design of the speed plate. With the lightweight design, you can easily enjoy better stability! This has a full-length bootie construction. Apart from this, giving it a better structure, it has molded ankle collar.

It provides you extended support with a snug fit. The fit will surely be comfortable, no worries! The insole is of high rebound SuperFoam. The shock absorption facility improved your stability. So, you get a sock-like comfort and fit! To increase the zonal stability, it has TPU coated yarns were added.

The heel unit is of TPU; you get optimum durability and protection with these cleats! The bladed and conical studs are positioned carefully to increase the braking capability and improve movements on the road. So, you’re going to enjoy ultimate stability with sharp cuts now!


  • Textile and synthetic construction
  • Synthetic sole included
  • Full-length bootie design
  • Increased stability and faster movements
  • Snug and comfortable fit
  • Lightweight and perfectly structured
  • High shock absorption facility


  • A small cushion at the back causes blisters

3. New Balance Men’s Freeze LX 2 Lacrosse Cleats

We are back again to New Balance Lacrosse Cleats because we believe in this brand. But this time, we will talk about the New Balance Freeze LX 2 cleats for lacrosse. For a comfortable lacrosse match, you will get the construction in half mesh and half synthetic!

On the other hand, to provide you the perfection in traction, the outsole has a perfect design. It has a full-contact gum outsole, and so you can rely on it without any doubt. The fresh foam midsole gives you comfort while playing. The cleats will hug your fit with a comfortable and snug fit. The toe pads on both sides of the cleats are designed to provide stability when you play.

Apart from this, you will enjoy the sock-like design without any tongue. As the design is lightweight, you can expect quicker movements and braking. If you are worried about slippage, stop doing that. It’s because you are not going to experience slipping on the field with this one.


  • Mesh and synthetic construction
  • Provides perfect traction
  • Full contact gum outsole
  • Comfortable, fresh foam midsole
  • Lightweight sock-like design
  • Quicker movements with easy braking
  • No slippage


  • Too narrow tow box

4. Under Armour Men’s Turf Spotlight Lacrosse Cleats

Another Under Armour cleats for lacrosse is the Spotlight Turf one. Users love it for its incredible construction. It is designed with 100% synthetic construction. The construction material is breathable. So, you don’t need to be upset about the comfort anymore; you will get it anyway!

The first thing that makes us excited about the cleats is the lightweight design. As Lacrosse players require to move a lot, they need something easy to carry. The next feature that amazed us is the sock-like design. It allows holding your feet properly and providing a snug and secure fit.

The full-length bootie construction gives you an ideal structure. As the ankle collar is molder, your whole feet stay in the perfect position. To support you with durability and security, there is a TPU heal unit. The coating on the toe box is highly sturdy too.

Like the previous Under Armour lacrosse cleats, this one also provides you zonal stability at best. And for this, the woven-in TPU coated yarns are included. The sole is also made of synthetic here.


  • Synthetic construction
  • Lightweight speed plates added
  • Full-length bootie construction
  • Snug and comfortable fit
  • Lightweight and sock-like design for easy carry
  • Provides perfect structure with a molded ankle collar


  • Only one color is available

5. New Balance Men’s Burn X2 Mid-Cut Lacrosse Cleats

Available in several sizes and colors, the New Balance Burn X2 is going to provide you the ultimate comfort you ever had! The construction of these lacrosse cleats is of mesh and synthetic. Half of the structure is synthetic, and the other half is of mesh.

It certifies that your feet get to breathe when you play. The lace-type closure and the rubber sole will ensure that you are going to give your best in the game! Yes, the rubber sole of the New Balance best Lacrosse cleats gives you the ultimate stability and no slippage at all!

It has a TPU Thermo polyurethane plate with Dual-Density technology.  So, you are going to enjoy the traction along with stability. It also ensures that there is a balance between strength and flexibility. Braking is easier with these Lacrosse cleats, no doubt.

This includes a data-driven insert. Along with this, you will get a knit collar that is highly supportive. The upper part is entirely knitted. The brand settled for kinetic stitch. As a result, you will get a balance between film and stability in the right place.


  • Mesh and synthetic construction
  • Rubber sole for no slippage
  • Provides a balance between stability and flexibility
  • Knitted upper part
  • Data-driven insert included
  • Provides ultimate traction


  • Confusing size

6. Adidas Unisex-Adult Adizero Lacrosse Cleats

So, we have come up with your favorite Adidas cleats! And not to forget, no matter you are a man or woman player of lacrosse, you can wear these Lacrosse shoes! There are three colors available; you can pick up from several sizes of these cleats.

With the rubber sole, your feet will be on the ground. And there is no changing of you slipping in the field anymore! Apart from this, the 100% synthetic material for construction is entirely breathable. So, your feet will not be sweaty when you move!

If you are in search of low top football cleats, you can go for this one. The synthetic material is stretchable. No worries regarding the comfort here. Another fact that you always should remember is your boots shouldn’t be too heavy.

And these Adidas cleats are just the right deal because they are very lightweight to carry all over the field. As there are available colors, you can go for anyone you want!


  • Synthetic construction
  • Rubber sole included
  • Stretchable material for comfort
  • Breathable construction for no sweat
  • Lightweight design for easy carrying
  • No slippage during the game


  • Size requires attention

7. Nike Alpha Huarache 7 Varsity BQ4183-108 Lacrosse Cleats

You might prefer Nike over Adidas; which one to pick then? Yes, these Nike Alpha Huarache men’s Lacrosse cleats for playing lacrosse won’t bore you! Available in black and white color, you will get to choose between several sizes.

The construction material is synthetic. This makes the upper part easy to break-in. Along with this, if you want to keep away sweat and let the feet be cool, synthetic material can be incredible. As the material is breathable, you don’t need to worry about getting too hot feel while playing! The TPU plate comes with the Nike Lacrosse cleats, and they are basically cone-shaped.

This shape ensures that you get the perfect balance of traction and flexibility. No worries regarding braking while running with the lacrosse stick! You will get bursts of speed assuredly with these specific shoes. Cuts will be faster, and movements will be smooth!

The ankle has padding to keep your skin safer. To certify support along with strength, the mid-height collar is there too! No matter how you move, you will feel comfortable!


  • Synthetic construction
  • Has synthetic sole
  • Accessible to break-in upper portion
  • Breathable material added for comfort
  • Has a cone-shaped design
  • Provides a balance between traction and flexibility
  • Gives faster cuts and easy brakes


  • Only two neutral colors are available

8. Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC Lacrosse Cleats

Available in several sizes, these particular Under Armour Lacrosse cleats has 100% synthetic construction. Yes, from the fabric to the sole, everything you get to see here is synthetic. If you tend to have sweaty feet, it’s time for you to enjoy the breathable nature of the synthetic fabric. In different circumstances, the synthetic sole will keep your feet stable on the field. The TPU cleat plate is of total length. It provides extreme durability along with stability. The 3D molded tongue that comes with it will certify comfort. But not to forget, it also gives you a better fit.

More than anything, when it’s about cleats, we want the right fit! People that look at a snug feel while wearing cleats will enjoy this one. With the right fit, it gives you an additional boost of speed. The ankle construction has a unique and stable design.

The TPU hot melt frame makes the product durable too! These high woven cleats give your feet more protection than any other boot can. For more comfort and flexibility, the SuperFoam insole is there too! The shock absorption formula helps you stay away from all sorts of shocks in the field! ‘


  • Synthetic construction
  • Includes synthetic sole
  • 3D molded tongue added
  • Full-length TPU cleat plate with got melt frame
  • Has perfect ankle construction
  • High woven cleats provide comfort
  • Added shock absorption formula


  • A little narrow

9. ASICS Men’s GEL-Provost Low Lacrosse Shoes

Among all the high woven cleats, what about the people that love low shoes? If you’re one of them, you’re in the right place. The ASICS GEL-Provost low Lacrosse cleats are designed with Rearfoot gel cushioning. So, first thing first, you don’t need to worry a bit about the comfort.

It provides extreme comfort to your feet, keeping them safe! The entire construction is of synthetic fabric. As you already know, the fabric is breathable and keeps your feet away from sweat and hot weather inside. It has a low-cut design and includes a lace-up closure. The midsole of the cleats is of DupMax midsole, including 55-degree Solyte.

There is a sock liner added to the shoes. But if you want, you can remove it too! Yes, the sock liner is easily removable. The cleat plate is multi-functional. The grip of these best Lacrosse cleats makes your feet stable on the ground while providing easy moving ability.

According to users, the shoes will be great for people that suffer from foot, leg, or ankle pain. This one gives you a comfort of a sneaker! The cleats have a rubber sole for the utmost stability.


  • Synthetic construction
  • Has a rubber sole
  • Lace-up low-cut design
  • Comes with a removable sock liner
  • Has a clear plate with a multi-functional facility
  • Provides stability
  • No ankle, leg, or feet pain
  • Perfect grip for movement


  • Not water resistant

10. New Balance Men’s Rush V2 Lacrosse Shoes

We have talked about the New Balance V3 shoes in the beginning. And now, we deal with the Rush V3! Available in two different colors, you will see several sizes of cleats. The best part of the sizes is that you can see both narrow and wide designs of the exact sizes when you get to pick one. TPU is the cleat’s outsole material. With this, you are going to get superior traction!

No matter how you move and when you break, you are going to enjoy it without falling. The cuts are quicker and easier here. It has a construction of half synthetic fabric and half mesh. This ensures breathability and comfort together.

The sole is of rubber material to keep your grip on the ground. Are you worried about slippage? No worries from now on! Yes, the closure type is lace-up and it is adjustable too! So, you get a customized fit already! Keeping away from the high-rise and the low-rise designs, if you prefer the mid-rise ones, you can select these new Balance shoes.


  • Synthetic and mesh construction
  • Has a rubber sole
  • Provides superior traction
  • Comes in a mid-rise design
  • Quicker cuts and easy braking
  • No slippage
  • Adjustable lace-up closure added


  • Runs a little small

Buying Guide for the Best Lacrosse Cleats

 We have discussed all the ideal and the ultimate Lacrosse cleats preferences for your game. But you need to choose wisely before purchase your cleats from one of them. We can help you to Learn about what to consider before you buy the best lacrosse cleats.

Knowing Different Types Lacrosse Cleats According to Profiles

If you are a Lacrosse player, you already know how vital the profile of the shoes is. We will talk a little about the profile first to help you pick the right one for you.

Low Profile

When it comes to quick turns and movements or accelerations, you will need ankle support. This is what the low-profile lacrosse cleats will provide you. It will stop right below your ankle and this one is a lot popular for almost all lacrosse players.

Mid Profile

Coming to the mid-profile Lacrosse cleats, these are a little higher than the low-profile ones. If you want freedom of movement along with ankle support, you can rely on this one. The construction of these is of slip-on design. So, it’s just like the socks!

High Profile

If you are an old-school cleats lover, the high-profile cleats will be just the right deal. These will rise over the ankle and will afford you better ankle support. It ties right up to the bottom part of your shin. You will get incredible traction along with lateral movement with them. But if you want breakaway speed, this might fall short a bit.


The material or construction of the Lacrosse cleats is something you cannot avoid. It is because of the durability, comfort, and performance. Almost everything depends on it! You will get cleats of foam, leather, synthetic, mesh, and metal.

But metal cleats are not allowed. Leather isn’t much durable but they are water-resistant and breathable for your feet. Also, they will give you a comfy fit. On the other hand, foam is not that popular but you can pick it up too as these are comfortable. But it won’t last long. The best material for lacrosse cleats is synthetic.

They might not fit perfectly but you get breathable features along with long-lasting benefits here. This one is comfortable too! You can go for the best one too. Or you can settle for half mesh and half synthetic cleats for both comfort and breathability.


People usually think that lightweight shoes will help them fly in the field. But that’s not the case every time. Yes, lighter shoes are comfortable and help you carry them easily. But when the shoes are too lightweight, they will not provide you better support.

On the other hand, too-heavy cleats will slow down your speed. But, these are great for keeping you away from injuries. The best lacrosse cleats will have a balance of both protection and speed benefits! Yes, not too light nor too heavy!


The material plays a vital role in the comfort level of a pair of lacrosse cleats. Make sure the cleats you are getting are comfortable to wear and to move your feet and ankle. Sometimes, some cleats will restrict your movement. In this case, get the one that has freedom of movement along with ultimate protection.


The part of the cleats that make it cleats is the outsole. Yes, from the molded plastic knobs to the studs or spikes, everything is necessary here. These are there to improve the traction. No mature you are dealing with a modern turf surface or the natural one, the outsole matters.

If you are playing lacrosse, you must give up metal cleats as they are not allowed. For the people that play on turf surfaces or grass, we recommend you using plastic stubs. If you are settling for stuffer tuffs, go for the grooved outsole!


Cleats come in several models with different price ranges. You can get such cleats at a very low price. But we do not recommend you settling the cleats that are less than $100. Instead, go for the one that is priced above $150 if you want the best performance and quality.

There are cleats available high up above $700 or more. It depends on what quality you want from your cleats and how comfortable and better performance you require!

FAQs on Top Lacrosse Cleats

What cleats do you wear for lacrosse?

Lacrosse cleats should provide you better ankle support along with being averagely lightweight. The cleats that you are going to use for lacrosse should have four studs in the heel area along with six to eight studs in the forefoot. In the end part, there should be a stud too! The lacrosse cleats have a high-profile cut so that movements are more accessible and cuts are faster.

Are Lacrosse Cleats the same as Soccer?

No, there are differences between Lacrosse and Soccer cleats. The Lacrosse ones are higher than the Soccer cleats. These go high up over the ankle so that you get ankle support while playing. There is an added stud at the end of the Lacrosse cleat, which is not counted in the Soccer cleat. But yes, you can wear soccer cleats in lacrosse games but you cannot do the vice-versa.

How to Break in Lacrosse cleats?

Go for the warm water technique for breaking in lacrosse cleats. All you need to do is wear down the shoes and put your feet into warm water. Wait for 30 minutes and you are done. But this won’t work for the cleats that are not water-proof. In that case, you can apply petroleum jelly or start walking on it for a long time. Also, steaming or moleskin can help you break in lacrosse shoes.

Can you wear metal cleats in lacrosse?

No, metal cleats are not allowed in Lacrosse games. These cleats are considered dangerous and can cause other accidents. There are chances to damage the knee or the ankle ligaments if you wear metal cleats in lacrosse or any such games.


So, picking up the right Lacrosse cleats is not that easy, right? But we hope we have made it a little easier by recommending to you the best lacrosse cleats of the market according to the users and the quality. Make a list of what you want from your cleats, and then pick up one that fits you incredibly!

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