Best Betta Fish Tanks in 2019

Are you a Betta fish lover? Have you been contemplating keeping a Betta for some time now? Then you have come to right place beyond a doubt. We are going to discuss about the best betta fish Tank today in this post. Pay attention and read this discussion till the end to get a hang of things. We would request you not to lend your ear to anyone that says Betta is a low maintenance fish. You have to care for them throughout their life. They cannot be small fish bowls and we will talk about that in a while too.

We don’t want you to be among those first timers that regret buying the wrong aquarium for their fishes. This is exactly, why we are going to share the foundation of selecting an aquarium for you. Read the points with care.


Get the right size for your Betta as anything smaller will only make it unhappy. You surely don’t want a sad companion in your living room or office. Then get the right size aquarium for you Betta and in this case, it is nothing less than 2.5 gallons in the least. Anything smaller is not considered an option, so be sensible.


Most importantly, your budget will help you define your Betta’s fish tank all the more. That is correct because it depends on how much money you want to shell to get the right kind of house for your Betta. The quality, size and other accessories will have to be taken out of this price. Be practical, if this is your first fish tank.

Number of fishes

This is another point that should not slip your mind and since we are discussing Betta, you may be keeping one as they are not called Siamese Fighting Fish for nothing. This will aid you deiced on the size of the aquarium too.


The moment you decide to buy an aquarium, you must make a list of accessories to invest in. We say this from experience that if you plan well, your aquarium will be the best one for a first timer. So, get a pen and paper to make this list of nets, cleaning supplies, water treatment and decorative.

What About The Best Betta Fish Tank Setup?

It must be reminded that it is best to let your pet live in a stress free environment. So, ensure that you do not keep them with other, as Bettas do not like the company of other Bettas. Now, focus on the other factors for setting up a tank, like the following:

Tank size

Choose the right size of the tank, no less than 2.5 gallons and 5 gallons believed to be the right size. Stick to the basics and you will not have a hard time with your pet.


We mean line the aquarium to create a natural habitat for them. You could use aquatic plants and substrate that adds good bacteria to your aquarium that is contemplated to be safe for your fish.


Different filters have different installations and a betta fish tank with filter is an exception to this rule. So, it is wise to check the manual and follow their guidelines. You can setup external filter at the back and under gravel ones accordingly.

Water heater

​​​Bettas can dwell in between 78 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit, as they are tropical species. In case, the temperature in your region goes beyond this, this heater will be of more than help to you. Sounds like a plan, doesn’t it?

Top Listed Betta Fish Tank Review:

1. Tetra Cube Aquarium Kit

The Tetra Cube Aquarium Kit is one of the best packages for aquarium lovers who want to start with it as their hobby. It is the best betta tank for beginners who want to keep it in their offices, kitchens, classrooms or their living rooms. With a size of just 3 gallons, it is small and sleek but provides an excellent view of the underwater habitat.

The tank is made up of styrene, a plastic like compound which looks naturally like glass is transparent and resistant to shattering and cracking. The kit includes a Whisper power filter and Tetra cartridges for keeping the tank clean, LED light for ambient lighting, a convenient feeding hole and a low voltage power adapter for powering the aquarium.


  • check
    The kit is small, light and the components fit in perfectly together.
  • check
    It is easy to setup and maintains.
  • check
    The cubic structure along with the ambient lighting looks good and provides a clear view.
  • check
    The tank is solidly built as compared to similarly priced models.


  • This is the best betta tank for beginners but doesn’t expect to keep more than one living being in the aquarium as it is quite small.
  • The lighting is good but not enough to grow live plants inside the tank.
  • The lid is not completely flat and is put in by a couple of plastic holders which is not very convincing.

2. Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit

The Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit is the best betta fish tank for beginners, combining style with functionality. With a capacity of 5 gallons, it is small in size, sleek, but has a sturdy construction. The high powered LED lamps hanging over the tank provides a clear and bright view of the underwater habitat.

The circulation pump is powerful and along with the three stage filtration system delivers super clean water for your fishes. A porous foam block along with activated carbon and BioMax brings about an effective and hassle free filtration process. Overall, the aquarium is good for betta fishes and can be a good addition to your house decor.

Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit

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  • check
    The tank is light, sleek and sturdy.
  • check
    The pump is efficient and has a very low operating noise.
  • check
    The lighting system is powerful, bright and more than sufficient for the habitat and for an excellent view.
  • check
    You get top performance compared to other models at the same price range.


  • The placement of the light is an obstruction when you feed or clean the tank.
  • The current which is caused by the filtration system and the pump is not good for the fishes initially.
  • Heater is not included in the kit and also, there is no perfect place for keeping when you buy one.

3. Marineland ML90609 Portrait Aquarium Kit

The Marineland Potrait Aquarium Kit is one of the best betta fish tank in terms of design. This 5 gallon aquarium is elegantly designed with curved corners making it look more expensive than it actually is. The filter with the free flow pump is hidden at the back of the tank.

The LED lighting system has different LEDs for blue and white light. A 3 position switch with a 2 mode operation brings about a different ambience when the white and blue light are lit separately. This tank is specifically built for nurturing betta fishes.


  • check
    The aquarium is easy to assemble and you can set it up within very few minutes.
  • check
    It has a superb design and is good to look at from every angle.
  • check
    The comprehensive LED lighting is best and specifically made for nurturing betta fish.
  • check
    The filter is good and the hidden filtration system does it work quite efficiently.
  • check
    The tank is quite affordable and durable and will last you a long time with proper care.


  • The back chamber is not very accessible and is often creates trouble.
  • The LED lighting is a little low for growing long plants.
  • The glass canopy fits snugly onto the body and shows gaps here and there.

4. Marina LED Aquarium Kit

The Marina LED Aquarium Kit is one of the best betta fish tanks among the beginners. It comes in various sizes starting from 5 to 20 gallons. The high quality LED lighting system in this aquarium creates a natural daylight effect. There is a switch which will allow you to turn the lights on or off.

The kit includes a durable clear glass, a hinged canopy, a high power filter, tropical fish food, a thermometer, and aqua plus conditioner which keeps the water clean and the fishes fresh and lively, and a tank specific net. A guide is included in the package to allow you to setup the tank on your own with the very minimal hassle.


  • check
    The glass make of the tank is long lasting and clear.
  • check
    The powerful filter comes with quick change cartridges for easy maintenance.
  • check
    The additives included in the package is a great package for any beginner to quickly setup and run.
  • check
    The LED lighting system is long lasting and provides enough light for the natural environment to sustain. It also adds to the visuals.
  • check
    The aquarium is cost friendly and can be an absolute deal for the price.


  • The LED strip is not of a very high quality and starts creating problems after some time.
  • The pump does not work that well and has to be replaced with a better one.

5. Marineland Contour Aquarium Kit

The Marineland Contour Aquarium Kit with Rail Light is a 5 gallon, curved glass fish tank. It is the best betta fish tank for your aqua hobbies. The LED lighting system has both blue and white lights which can create both daylight and moonlight conditions as required. The 3 stage filtration technique helps to keep the water clean and fresh for the habitat. The filter comes with changeable cartridges. The glass canopy slides over the top for you to feed or clean the tank making maintenance a breeze. This fish tank is ideal for people who want to keep not more than a couple of fishes in the aquarium.


  • check
    The aquarium is just a delight to look at due to it’s different and beautiful curved edge design.
  • check
    The sliding canopy helps to feed the fishes and clean the tank with ease. nt-->
  • check
    The LED lighting system is ambient for both the habitat and the view in your room.
  • check
    The pump can be adjusted to control the current flow as per your needs.


  • The water pump does not work as expected and you need to go for an improved one for the system to work effectively.
  • The current or the water flow cannot be adjusted and can be an issue if you keep betta fishes in the tank.

6. Back to the Roots Water Garden

The Back to the Roots Water Garden is a small aquaponic tank with self-sustaining capabilities. This betta fish tank with filter follows a closed loop ecosystem. The nutrient rich waste from the fishes fertilizes the plant above and in turn, the plants filter the water to provide to keep it clean and fresh. This makes the system self-sufficient and keeps maintenance to a minimum. The 3 gallon tank is small and the design is an innovation in itself. The kit comes with high quality organic grass, radish sprout seeds, tropical fish food, natural organic fertilizer, a pack of gravel, a betta fish coupon and a powerful water pump.


  • check
    The innovative design in itself is an advantage.
  • check
    The system is self-sustaining and easy to maintain.
  • check
    The water pump has a silent operation which makes it ideal to keep that in your bedroom.


  • The kit does not have a water heater and a thermometer and you need both of them for maintaining a healthy natural habitat.
  • The amount of gravel needed to setup the aquarium is much more than what is given in the package.

7. EcoQube Aquarium-Desktop Betta

The EcoQube Aquarium Desktop Betta is the best betta fish tank setup at this price. The whole system is self-sufficient and needs very low maintenance. The water and filter need to be changed after very long intervals. The basil seeds present in the kit takes care and time to grow, so you can keep green onions to keep the water clean and fresh more effectively and quickly.

The kit includes the filter, mountain stones for decor, magnetic glass cover for better fitment, wireless remote control and customized LED lighting system. The LED system can be controlled with this remote and provides an ambient environment as per the conditions of the day. This also adds to the visual appeal of this aquarium and can be an ideal fitment for your living room.


  • check
    The aquarium is easy to setup and run.
  • check
    The system mostly maintains itself and you may need to take care after very long intervals.
  • check
    The LED lighting system is really worth the price.


  • The build quality is not up to the mark as compared to its price.
  • The pump is not of the highest quality and does not last long as is expected.

8. biOrb CLASSIC Aquarium

The biOrb CLASSIC Aquarium with LED light is among the best betta fish tank in the market. The aquarium is beautifully made with robust acrylic, which is much stronger than glass and also half as heavy. The tank is clear and looks bright when fitted with the standard LED lighting system included in the kit.

The innovative lighting system phases the light around the day transitioning from sunrise, daylight, sunset, and moonlight. This not only helps to maintain a serene natural environment but also looks stunning all over the day.

The 5 stage filtration technique is one of a kind. The stages include biological, mechanical, chemical, water stabilization and Oxygenation. This betta fish tank operates from a low voltage 12V transformer. The filter provided out of the box can work with filter cartridges of any size. This elegant looking aquarium can be a great choice for your living room.


  • check
    The fish tank is made of acrylic which is a robust material, lighter than glass with twice its strength which makes the build strong. It is also clear like glass which creates the right ambience.
  • check
    The kit is easy to setup and can be done with very steps.
  • check
    The 5 stage filtration is noteworthy and keeps the water clean and fresh for a longer time, thus saving you from regular maintenance.


  • The filter motor does not last long as promised.
  • The quality of the components does not match the high price.

9. Aqueon Betta Falls Kit

The Aqueon Betta Falls Kit is one of the best betta fish tanks in terms of design and innovation. The design is not only innovative but also elegant. The waterfall design provides constantly filtered fresh water to the habitat. There are three separate compartments close together which includes three betta fishes each. The panels are frosted to keep the fish from viewing each other.

There is a fill indicator window which shows the water level with just a glance. The AqueonQuietFlow filtration cartridges, fish food and water care samples are provided in the box. The filtration system works effectively and silently. The whole system is visually beautiful and can be kept in any corner of your house to increase the decor.


  • check
    There is enough room for the bettas to swim around.
  • check
    The water stays clean for a longer time due to the waterfall technique.
  • check
    The quality of the components seems good.
  • check
    It is almost perfect for the price.


  • The water evaporates quickly, so you have to put in water often to keep it running.
  • The quality of the filter is not up to the standards.
  • Most of the waste from the two compartments settles down in the third one which makes it harder to clean.

10. Fluval Edge Aquarium

The Fluval Edge Aquarium is among the best designed betta fish tank in the market. The edgy design is the trademark for this aquarium. The 3D cube design is refreshing and beautiful to look at from any corner of your house. The filtration system is hidden and provides 3 stage filtration to keep the water clean and fresh.

The filter is both efficient and long lasting. There are two versions of 6 gallon and 12 gallon size and both of them come with different set of colors. The pump works in silence and the LED lighting system can be switched to different light modes through a switch. The 6 gallon version comes with a 21 bulb LED and the 12 gallon version comes with 42 bulb LED. Both of these provide sufficient light for the habitat and adds to the stunning visuals.


  • check
    The design is visually stunning and will add to your decor no matter where it is kept.
  • check
    The out of the box filter is powerful and long lasting.
  • check
    The LED lighting system is bright, great to look at and also best for your fishes.
  • check
    It is a great deal for the price.


  • The aquarium can be difficult to clean and sometimes becomes a headache.
  • The plastic base if not sturdily placed can crack easily after some time.


1. What is the best tank for a betta?

Ans. Give your Betta a clean tank with pH balance in between of 6.5 to 7. If possible put them into a tank with full filtration systems. This will keep them warm and comfortable, as the temperature will be right. In other words, give the room to move around and they will be in high spirits to show you their tricks.

2. What is the best size tank for a betta fish?

Ans. Anything that is in between 2.5 gallons to 5 gallons is considered to be a good tank for Bettas. We have mentioned this time and again, as we want to you retain this information for sure.

3. What plants are best for betta fish?

Ans. You can think about getting Java moss, duckweed and Java Fern to name a few. You could do a lot by adding these plants to your Betta tank and watch your friend play around in happiness.

4. What are good Tankmates for bettas?

Ans. You can add fishes like, Clown plecos that eat algae and deemed to be peace loving in general. Then there are White Clouds that have similar diet and will not trouble your Betta. You can also think of Harlequin Rasboras and Ember tetras to be other tank mates of your Betta.

5. Why can’t a Betta live in a smaller tank?

Ans. The fish cannot live in a small and confined tank because of many reasons. A male Betta will grow within 2 to 3 inches tall and females will smaller than this. It will be very unhealthy it you them to kept in a smaller environment. Think about it, why would you give your beloved pet through such a hard time?

6. Do they get lonely?

Ans. The fact is, they do not like the company of other fishes. No, they do not get bored of others, but you can keep the aforementioned species to their tanks. This would like a community aquarium for all your fishes.

7. What do they eat?

Ans. They mainly eat bugs and we would advise you to feed them live food only.You could feed them pellets, flake food, fresh or frozen brine shrimp and freeze dried bloodworms. You must rotate these food variations that will keep it healthy.

8. How often should the Betta tank be cleaned?

Ans. You must maintain the health of the water and make sure that it does not remain cloudy for a long time. Bettas love healthy living, to preserve the pH balance and keep them unhygienic. Bettas are intelligent creatures and they deserve better living as well as care for sure.

Best Ways To Use Betta Fish Tank

Again, there is no right or wrong way of doing this. We are only telling you what could be a way to use your fish tank in the best possible ways. So, read the tips mentioned below and learn from them.

  • Add as much fish to your tank as it can handle, because too much of fishes will make it unsafe and will bear heavily on the filter as well
  • Do not overfeed your fishes and if possible, let them fast for a day or two, in a week
  • Keep algae under control and scrape them off the glass (with a squeegee) as well as the decorative from time to time

How To Maintain Betta Fish Tank?

This is not rocket science and it has to no particular way of doing things. However, you can be told that there are some ways following which will assist you to keep your fish tank clean.

  • Change 20% of the water once a week, this will not shock the fishes in the tank
  • The chorine gets to get dissipate this way that will aid the fishes to get adjusted to the temperature
  • Scrub the filter, which is a necessity for running a clean tank
  • You must check the filters monthly and change them if required
  • Clean the tank on a regular basis, as this will reduce your efforts


Bettas are playful creatures that can add style to your décor. If you keep them happy by finding them the Best Betta Fish Tank, they will keep you entertained for life. You will enjoy the company of a happy fish and this in turn will keep you contented.

All you need is find them a good home and you have a friend for a lifetime. Hope, we have answered all your questions pertaining to Betta fish and its habitat. This is the sincere endeavor that we have put up here for you to take advantage.If you have any more queries or anything more to share, then we would request you to do so through the comments section.

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