10 Best Airsoft Pistols in 2019 | Reviews & Buying Guide

Do you need a more realistic gun? Airsoft weapons are becoming popular by the day. Airsoft games are an excellent way to exercise your body through movements such as crawling, sprinting, and low walks.

Best airsoft pistols have a distinctive feature that makes them comparatively better than other weapons. However, their style and design are similar to those of real guns. The best airsoft pistol must be accurate, reliable, and dependable. Read on for a comprehensive list of the ten best airsoft pistols.

Before we get to the reviews, it is important to know the different types of airsoft pistols. The major ones are describe shortly below.

Spring-powered airsoft pistol- the pistols have a single shot and use spring as the power source that helps shove down the pellet towards the barrel.

Gas-powered airsoft pistol- The most popular and highly realistic pistols in the market are gas-powered airsoft pistols. These pistols have gas blowback and gas non-blowback. They are semi-automatic and use C02 or green gas as the power source. Green gas airsoft guns can fire multiple BBs simultaneously. Green gas pistols are then fast than CO2 pistols and are easy to load.

Automatic electric airsoft pistol- these pistols source of power is rechargeable batteries.

1. Remington 89260 Remington 1911 RAC CO2 BB Airsoft Pistol

Remington has various 1911 models, but 1911 RAC CO2 has altogether desirable features. It is an excellent pistol for practice and plinking.

It resembles a U.S military firearm from years back and has an exceptional design. The pistol is built using durable metal and has an excellent matte black finish making it durable.

The grips are systematically molded to offer high contrast from the matte black finish. RAC CO2 relatively heavy and provides the real feel of a pistol.


To assemble the magazine, remove the action, and apply safety. Push down the pistols magazine release stud to utterly pull the magazine from the base. At the magazines base, unscrew the big bolt and in its place press a new CO2 capsule. Finally, constrict the screw and ensure the pellet is halfway through the valve.

When you want to load the magazine, you can use even a fingernail to tug the spring-loaded pistols slide down. Drop and push separate BBs to the little hole at the uppermost part of the magazine. Repeat the process until you fill-up the channel.

Barrel and Shooting

The pistol's barrel is easily accessible, and thus one can quickly clean it when need be.

After firing the Remington 1911 pistol, the chassis top part slips to the rear making the experience thrilling as it resembles real shooting. The pistol ascertains safety since it proficiently fires only with a full hand grip.


Blowback prompts the gun to have an upward flick while shooting that adds to the real genuine shooting.

It offers a practical feel while in use, making shot realistic. It is fast since it can finish the magazine quickly while maintaining a smooth operation.


This pistol has smooth bor barrel, fixed front, and fixed rear sight, manual and beavertail grip safety. 

It offers authentic design, accuracy, and easy to operate and control.

For caliber 177-4.5mm steel BB, 12gram CO2 is the source of power for this pistol.

For steel BBs, its velocity ranges 320FPS.

It is an 8inch length, 1inch width, 5.5inch height, and 2lbs weight pistol.


1. Easy to maintain,

2. Excellent design and finish,

3. Replica of a real military gun,

4. Durable and sturdy material.


1. It may be difficult to hold the spring-loaded clip at first,

2. The magazine preparation may take time.

2. Umarex Walther 2262020 15 Rounds P99 Blowback Airsoft Pistol

Walther P99 is an effective weapon which both police and civilians use across the world. It is one of the best gbb airsoft pistols. P99 exhibits a durable construction using heavy materials, metal, and polymer that makes it durable. It has a 1:1 scale that implies it fits any actual holster P99 design. It uses CO2 and employs blowback technology.

Umarex Walther P99 has a smooth metal barrel that protects the pistol while offering durability too. It is rust-free and suitable for use in different environments.


Blowback action ensures the gun recoils. After squeezing the trigger, the pistol’s metal slide moves back that offers a thrill and excitement of a realistic pistol encounter. Umarex Walther 2262020 has an ambidextrous paddle that one pushes down to hastily and cleanly expels the magazine. It makes it simple, accurate, and fast.


The magazine has a 15 round capacity that enables shooters to shoot without frequent reloads continuously. The drop-free magazine has a notch that locks down the follower and allows easy loading. One can load the magazine beginning at the top, or through the loading port at the magazine`s backside.

The grip conceals the CO2. Releasing the magazine exposes the C02 piercing knob. To access the C02 capsule chamber, pop off the pistols back strap. 


It has a 0.20g caliber capacity that assures power in every shot.

This pistol is semi-automatic with a firing velocity of 320 FPS. It allows customization through its bottom tactical rail that allows the addition of sites and laser systems.

Its dimension is 10.9 x 3.4 x 10.2 inches, and weight is 1.6 pounds.

 Additionally, this airsoft pistol features a long accuracy range of 120 feet or more with exact impact. Accuracy is essential for field use of the gun. It has a unique cocking mechanism and only needs cocking for the first time.


1. High FPS of 320,

2. It is easy to release the magazine,

3. High accuracy,

4. Blowback action and CO2.


1. The blowback feature may waste the CO2,

2. Premature locking of the pistol while shooting may happen.

3. Soft Air Colt 1911 CO2 Airsoft Pistol

Colt 1911 airsoft pistol has been on the market for more than 100 years. It is simple, reliable, timeless and rugged. Colt 1911 is in use by both civilian and officers.

Soft Air Colt has a 1:1 scale. Its construction features authentic full metal. Its slide too is of metal and features impeccable design and finish. It is light and has an image of an actual pistol. The metal that makes the body prevents rusting enhancing durability. The entire metal gun feels and resembles the real Colt.

 We recommend a 0.20g BB for better range and accuracy for this pistol. These BBs are simple to find, and one can purchase them in large quantities.

It uses CO2 as its source of power. Colt 1911 holds a record as the top CO2 airsoft pistol. The CO2 then gives colt 1911 a vast velocity. The range and accuracy are averagely on point.

It features stamped colt trademarks on both sides of the slide, tri-dots, serrations slides for cocking at the front and rear, blowback action, stainless finish and functioning frame. The hop-up is adjustable.

Colt 1911 gas the handgrips textured that ensures the user can hold on tight to the pistol. It avoids the gun from slipping. For optimal performance, the manufacturers recommend allowing the magazine to cool and return to average temperature before subsequent use.


It has a velocity of 344 FPS. Speed influenced the BBs. With its 344 FPS, we recommend a 0.20g BB for better range and accuracy.

The pistol’s CO2 magazine comprises entirely of high-quality metal.

It has a 17 round capacity.

A single CO2 cartridge offers 60 shots.

It is a blowback pistol with 6mm that provides shooting power.


1. Easy to load,

2. Attractive appearance,

3. Resembles and offers a real pistol feel,

4. Powerful punch and useful safety feature,

5. Accurate firing.


1. Its tight feeding groove and stiff spring makes it impossible to speed load,

2. Its metal easily scratches.

4. Sig Sauer X-Five 177 Calibre Airsoft Pistol

The pistol uses CO2 with a 12-gram cartridge. It is semi-automatic and has front and rear sights; the rear once does not allow adjustments. It has an 18 round magazine capacity and a maximum velocity of 300FPS. It is averagely loud and has blowback features and fixed sights.  The pistol has a metal construction, weaver accessory rail below the barrel.

Sig Sauer is easy to load and has comprehensive manual instructions for easy operation. To detach the magazine one needs to compel the release. Pull the spring using the release and fill it with the BBs.  It has an 18 round magazine capacity; the maximum limit is 18 BBs.

Using a 6mm Allen tool, unscrew the magazine`s bottom and insert the gas cartridge. Screw the magazine bottom. While the pressure increases, which is due to the gas, CO2 in the magazine expanding, the sound is noticeable.

Be cautious not to excessively tighten the magazine since it may result to damage on the O`rings. It is a single action gun that needs cocking before each use. To cock, tug the slide backward and release. To commence shooting, one has to unlock the safety mechanism, aim and pull the trigger.

When the magazine is empty, the slides remain under lock. Press the slide lock downwards to release it. Remember not to aim at a person or a hard surface, for example, a wall because the bullets will bounce back.  After shooting, select the safe position. While storing the rifle ensure it is empty and its magazine is taken off.

Adjustable baxs, begin with removing the magazine. Subsequently draw the slide backward. Spin the barrel stopper then push the slide to detach it from the body. To adjust the baxs system, revolve the wheel moderately. Note that disassembling the gun makes the warranty void.


1. Adjustable baxs,

2. High power with a velocity of 300FPS,

3. Both rear and front sights.


1. Low magazine capacity.

5. KJW Model-603m9ptp gas/CO2 Blowback Full Metal (Airsoft Pistol)

KJW M9 is a product of KJW Company that has been availing products in the market for 31 years. The M9 which it mimics is in current use by the US Military and training institutions.  It is wholly metal and black. It features double action and uses gas as its source of power. The checkered grip is the only plastic part. The grip accurately fits the hand.

KJW M9 craftsmanship and construction is ideal since it mimics the M9 in all aspects. The KJW M9 also offers an ultra-realistic feel. It has an appealing look and functions exemplary well. The gun has a realistic feel, and its manufacturing is perfect and ensures optimal performance. It is suitable both for indoor and outdoor sports.

KJW M9 is compatible with both CO2 and green gas. Its parts allow upgrading and customization. It has an average of 320 FPS, depending on the environmental conditions. It has an ambidextrous safety, as well as a non-ambidextrous magazine release. The metal slide is serrated, and the hop up system is adjustable.


It has an impressive GBB that adds to the quality of the KJW M9. Using it gives one a realistic feel and automatic handling. The blowback action further promotes the feel and handling. The trigger is highly responsive and gives a soft double action mechanism. The slide, slide catch and hammer smoothly operate. It is durable. It has a realistic hammer action.

Other features include; a high magazine capacity of 26 rounds maximum, can use high-pressure gases such as green gas, red gas, and propane adapter.


1. Realistic feel,

2. One can switch source of power say from gas to CO2,

3. Light, impressive look and smooth touch,

4. High magazine round capacity.


1. It lacks trademarks,

2. The guns orange tip is non-threaded, and thus one can neither use a silencer nor detach the orange tip.

6. H&K USP Airsoft Pistol (Medium)

USP pistol is best for competitions. It is a replica of the live fire HK USP. With every trigger pull, the hammer moves. The hammer movement offers a realism feel. H&K USP has an exceptional weight and balance that makes it a top-notch airsoft pistol.

It uses CO2, plus it has an official license. The pistol has an H&K logo and has a magazine whose capacity is 16 rounds. It is sturdy and has a comfortable weight. USP is accurate both at short and medium distances and reliable.

USP pistol comes with a CO2 magazine and sample BBs. The magazine release imitates the actual firearm since it drops the magazine without the grip frame. It integrates tactical accessory rail that allows mounting for any scopes, sites or lights thus it provides customization. The hop up system is inbuilt and ensures one gets more spin and flight with regards to the projectiles.


It is a double action pistol with dual firing modes. The modes are; safe and semi-automatic. Its manual safety helps prevent accidental shooting. It has a velocity of 240 FPS and uses 6mm Airsoft BBs of .12 or .20g. USP barrel is smooth, and the gun's slide smoothly operates. It is simple to pull the slide back that makes it suitable for beginners.

Other features of the USP pistol are; it is a single shot airsoft pistol, the blade slights are immovable the frame can be transparent or black.


1. Firm magazine slide,

2. Sturdy material,

3. Less noise while using it makes it ideal for use in residential areas,

4. Realistic feeling of an actual USP.


1. Low magazine capacity,

2. The magazine is inclusive of the BBs and CO2 that makes it hard to lose or eject the magazine.

7. Sig Sauer P226 177 CAL Co2 Powered 12GR Airsoft Pistol (16 Rounds)

Sig Sauer P226 177 has a steel BB or .177 Pellets, a muzzle of 350 FPS the sights are immovable. It uses CO2 as the primary source of power. We recommend Crossman pellets.

Its design is modern and features next-generation engineering that aims at mimicking the popular SIG model. It is among the first guns in the airsoft gun market. It entirely comprises of metal.

The cartridge is in the grip. One has to insert the cartridge and fold the trap door to hold it in position. It has a smooth texture on the grip, and the internal parts of the pistol are lubricated, something that most manufacturers ignore. It adds to its durable.

The top barrel is adjustable and detachable. It has a de-cocking button that works correctly.  Its design, construction, and features make it high quality. It has a 16 round magazine capacity and an in-built Picatinny rail mount. The barrel is of steel and has white dot sights. It best suits practice. It adopts a blowback mechanism that gives the P226 a real feel.


It has threads on the right side with a 1.0mm pitch. The velocity is around 350FPS while shooting for the first eight times after which it reduces.

It has an efficient cartridge and the magazine accessible to eject though it needs a little amount of pressure. The shots per gas cartridge vary with the weapon use. It comes with one magazine whose capacity is 16 rounds.

The pellet remains within the clip until CO2 moves down and get out of the barrel. The velocity depends on the bullets.


1. Attractive appearance, robust and accurate shots,

2. Strong blowback action,

3. No leaks,

4. lightweight.


1. One cannot add a silencer. Conversely, a silencer is not mandatory,

2. The trap door may be difficult to fold making it difficult to load.

8. KWA ATP GBB Airsoft Pistol

It is a replica of the Glock Series. It has a sleek design; it is small and attractive. Its manufacturing is perfect and efficient both in performance and appearance. Its material is of both metal and plastic. It has an impressive range and accuracy. It fits both COB and outdoor field use.

It is all black and is a single action gas pistol. Its slide is metallic, and the body is plastic. KWA ATP construction is in such a way that it uses only green gas as its source of power. It has a velocity of 340 FPS.

Its features include an interchangeable back strap which is on the grip, and for safety, it has a fin trigger; it can fit in any Glock holsters. Interchanging the back strap may require a little elbow grease.

ATP, abbreviations for Adaptive Training Pistol, has three dot sights. The dot sights appear as crips and align. The pistol you purchase determines whether the ATP has a threaded black or orange tip.

KWA ATP offers the real feel of an actual pistol due to the metal material. It provides versatility and is light. The metal and plastic making the gun make it sturdy and durable, that enhances its performance.


It uses Glock trigger which merely refers to a safety lever that assimilates to the mid-section of the trigger. It hinders accidental discharges as it needs the entire finger to apply pressure to the safety and trigger simultaneously. Its trigger is light and intuitive.

ATP offers accuracy and high velocity. It shoots appropriately for ranges of even up to 110 feet. Its hop-up system excellently provides a stable trajectory. It has an ATP metal magazine.


1. Sleek design,

2. Light, sturdy, durable and versatile,

3. High accuracy,

4. Glock safety on the trigger.


1. It has a more significant deviation shot,

2. The sights are not firm at their positions that may reduce efficiency.

9. Sig Sauer P226 X-Five CO2 Blowback Tactical Airsoft Pistol, Black

Sig Sauer is the present weapon issue for British troops. P226 is an imitation of the weapon. It is significant and robust. It has a de-cocker, a frame rail accessory of 20mm, smooth texture on the grip, and a three dot sights at the rear which allow adjustments.

This airsoft pistol entirely comprises of metal and trademarks of Sig Sauer. It is among the most realistic airsoft guns with a realism touch and feels. The construction quality is exemplary.

The pistol features a metal rail frame that makes it easy to install accessories. The slide and barrel are entire of metal. The grip is of plastic and gives ultimate control over the pistol.

Its construction and craftsmanship make it have a realistic feel and touch while in use.  It offers high power and long-range accuracy. The de-cocker location is an inch overhead the magazine release. One can also de-cock manually.

Sig Sauer has fantastic performance. Testing done on it ascertains its high performance since it can hit tight groupings at 2 inches and below at 25 feet. This high performance is exemplary for a replica gun since some of even the real firearms cannot achieve this.


It shoots at averagely 300FPS. The green gas magazine which is of metal can hold 26BBs. Each fill up can give an average of 30 shots. We strongly recommend against overfilling the magazine to prevent leaking

KJW is behind the manufacturing of this pistol, a reputable Company. It makes the P226 durable and high quality. It is also licensed.

It features a safety mode and a 28 round magazine capacity. It has an incredible look and is among the best GBB pistols.


1. Realistic with the touch and feel of Sig Sauer X-Five P226,

2. Wholly comprises of metal,

3. Features Sig Sauer trademarks,

4. Firm blowback action.


1. Uses up a lot of CO2,

2. Does not allow adjustments.

10. Umarex Elite Force 1911 Tac Gen3 Airsoft Pistol

New Umarex Elite Force 1911 mimics classic 1911A1.  It is a reliable medium gas airsoft pistol and uses CO2.

Its features permit adjustments its design that makes it user-friendly. It has a tan finish that makes it attractive. Its uniqueness lies in its performance

On the lower frame, the Elite Force 1911 it has a tow tone tan finishing.  Beneath the two-tone coating, there is a gun that entirely comprises of metal. The coat is durable and of high quality. Its construction is ergonomic too.

Tac Gen 3 has control systems that are similar to those of the classic 1911. They include the magazine release, functioning slide catch and ambidextrous safety.

It has high visibility sights and a rail frame that allows attachments of tactical lights and lasers. It thus suits both indoor and night games due to adequate lighting. Its barrel is threaded and has a mock suppressor that gives the pistol a nice touch.

The hop up system of the pistol is reliable and provides the additional distance that one requires. However, the hop-up location is inconvenient since one cannot just use a key for adjustment, but one needs to take the slide off. The slide is easy to pull off.


It has a hammer, and its beaver features an improvement. The grip comprises of plastic. The magazine has a 14 round capacity. It uses CO2 whose cartridge bulges on either side. It uses .12 g BBs that are easy to find.

Thrilling to use since while firing the metal slide slams back and forth in the battery. The battery then releases positive shock on your arms. The pistol recoils intensely. It has high power, accuracy, and range.


1. Uses CO2 and gives high power levels with consistent performance,

2. Sturdy solid metal construction,

3. Allows attachment of lights, upgrading, and customization,

4. Front and rear sights.


1. Loud while firing,

2. Low magazine capacity.

How to buy the best airsoft pistol

What makes a best airsoft pistol? Here are some important things you should check when you are selecting an airsoft pistol/gun.


The best airsoft pistol should be durable despite the weather conditions. Pistols whose construction features hard plastic are the best since they do not rust and they are sturdy. They protect the interior metal component of the gun and do not react with water. One can coat the pistol when doing this ensures the coating is resistant to scratch and rust.


The parts of the pistol may need changing or upgrading occasionally. It is due to the vigorous pistol activity that may lead to breakage or loosening of some parts. Choose an airsoft pistol that has a spare pack on a purchase. If the additional package is not available, ensure the spare parts are readily available.


Accuracy is crucial for any gun may it be for fun, shooting or aiming. Accuracy depends on the timeliness of the shooter and on the pistol too. Airsoft guns are as not accurate as a real one. But we have to choose the best accurate airsoft pistols. The inner barrel should have a desirable length and be of good quality.

We recommend a gun with a hop-up design. Though buying a ‘high operation power up’ or hop-up design pistols if your shooting is not accurate, you have to adjust hop-up. It makes it easy to back soon the BBs that play a role in maintaining a long trajectory.


Power refers merely to the force at which the BBs or pellets are shot. The higher the feet per second, the higher the potential. The best airsoft pistol should have a velocity range of 200-500 FPS. To achieve high energy, the gun needs to have a robust design. Popular power source for gas-powered pistol is green gas. CO2 are used both in pistols and rifle. CO2 guns have higher FPS then green gas pistols.


Why do you need the airsoft rifle? Is it for sniping, Close Quarter Battle, or to cover fire? Pick a gun that suits best your use. CQB pistols should be relatively short to simplify popping. Snipers guns are comparatively cumbersome and expensive, and the bolt action should be super powerful. For sports gunners, pistols should be hard hitting and heavy at the same time. If you intend to cover fire, settle for a gun that has high rounds of magazine capacity.


Put into consideration the magazine capacity of the pistol. It is inconveniencing to keep reloading frequently. Ensure the gun offers a standard range for the rate of fire. The best airsoft pistol should allow you fire severally without having to wait for it to recoil.


The weight of the pistol bears an effect on its practical use. Choose a gun whose weight you can comfortably carry using the upper body strength for a considerably extended period.

Review performance

The gas or gas blowback mostly uses CO2 or green gas and recoil after every shot.

Spring-loaded guns require cocking before shooting since it solely depends on the spring.

AEG/AEP use gears which are ran using electric batteries to pull its spring.

We recommend beginners to use AEGs since they allow upgrading and are reliable than Gas Blowbacks.


How much are you willing to spend? The price of the pistol should also vary with the intended use. For beginners, we recommend a cheap gun so that in case of breakage the loss is minimized.

Final Verdict

Airsoft weapons are safe and easy to use and reliable. They offer great shooting while maintaining a long-range accuracy. Unlike other brands, they stand out.

The best airsoft pistol should have a realistic appearance and have a substantial impact while in use. Safety is paramount, and thus need to have safety measures to prevent accidents. The best airsoft pistol depends on the application.

However, the Sig Sauer P226 X-Five Co2 Blowback Tactical Airsoft Pistol, Black stands out. It has a 28 round magazine capacity and a velocity of 300-330 FPS. It is light, efficient, made of high-quality, sturdy material and gets the job done!

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