Benefits of Nerf War Game

Nerf war is a fun game played with Nerf guns also known as Nerf blasters or other toy guns that fire foam projectiles. It is a delightful game that can range into a variety of playable games ranging from casual shootouts indoors to well-organized outdoor fights with high-powered customizable blasters.

Foam-firing weapons are comparatively safe and inexpensive. People from different age groups can play Nerf war without having to worry about injuries and can have fun to the fullest. Besides being safe, it can offer a range of benefits to the participants as well.

You can play nerf war game anywhere. Any place that has a decent open area with some cover is okay for playing. Informal matches are most commonly play in basements, offices, and backyards. Large spaces such as gymnasiums, parks, and forests make excellent playing sites for more massive games with more players.

By rotating tables on their sides and placing large objects such as barrels, the inside of a big hall can be transformed into a Nerf warzone. The organizer typically has to reserve the area beforehand when preparing a Nerf war in a public place, so that general people in that area is not disturbed. A significant aspect of the popularity of a Nerf war is the capacity to play in free sites without rent.

Game Types

Nerf wars can be played in different varieties. Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, and Hostage type games are the most popular where players play in teams against the enemies. Teams have to defend themselves, capture the opposing team’s flag and try to rescue a hostage held by the other side in these types of games. Different types include Hide and seek, Anarchy, Civil war, etc.

Benefits of Nerf War

Besides being safe to play, like most other physical activities, Nerf war offers a range of physical and spiritual benefits. Let’s talk about some of them.

It’s Fun and Safe

Playing Nerf war is just like playing Airsoft or Paintball, minus the potential risk. So, it is safe to say that Nerf war players will enjoy as much as the other players running around shooting people with foam-tips.

It is a great time to pass the time and repair your gloomy mood that had been broken otherwise. Also, foam-tip bullets oppose no danger to the players, so you do not have to be as careful as when you are playing Paintball. There is nobody protection gear needed whatsoever in this game. It means you get to run around more freely and without carrying any extra weight.


Aside from being super safe, Nerf war is quite family-friendly as well. It means you can have a fun match with not only your friends but with your family too. Starting from kids over the age of three to their parents, every member of the family can play the game and have fun.

Besides having fun, playing together might help creating a better bond between family members. It may eventually lead to a healthy family bondage and less emotional gap between the parents and the children.

Reduce Stress

Playing any kind of game you enjoy might help you de-stress after a long day of work. There is no better way to remove stress than playing Nerf war. With Nerf war, you can get that daily physical exercise you need and reduce your stress by having fun.

Better Focus at Workplace

Nerf war games provide the staff with an excellent way to have fun and communicate with each other. For those who need it, these games can be a mental break. The games do not usually last very long, and it means co-workers get to have fun and reduce stress without losing much work time.

Other fun events tend to take a lot of moment out of the working day. The games also fun for those to watch who do not necessarily participate. Playing a simple game of Nerf war can create a relaxed atmosphere in the workplace.

Building Teamwork

Playing Nerf war in teams can eventually improve your team working capabilities. Playing with different types of teammates helps you become more open to other people’s opinions. You learn to respect others and work together in peace towards the same goal.

Playing Nerf war games also help you lower your ego as you will often need to ask someone else for help. This way you learn to complete a task no matter how hard it is with the help of someone else. You can also learn to help someone else in need.


Nerf war games can be a great way to break the ice in a new environment, such as a new workplace or a new university class. No matter what new environment you are in, everyone can play a little Nerf war. By playing with new people, you end up knowing them very fast and creating a unique bond between other people.

Playing nerf war also helps you be confident and comfortable with people you do not know, making you more outgoing and extroverted.

Getting some Exercise Done

As much fun as it is, Nerf war games also provides you with a fair amount of exercise. As you play, you will run after your opponents, duck, and cover to save yourself from getting hit, and you will always be on the move. It is fair to say that you will at least get a helpful exercise if you play Nerf war for over ten minutes.

Playing for some time will get your heart pumping fast, flowing blood all over your body helping you to get healthier. Now, granted, it won’t make you the next Arnold Schwarzenegger, but it sure will keep you fit by providing the daily exercise you need. For more exciting and hard battle field game you can play airsoft or paintball. For playing airsoft you need replica gun, which are called airsoft gun.

Final Word

In a nutshell, other than just being plain and simple fun, Nerf war games are beneficial to your health and your psychological growth too. Even if you do not enjoy the idea of running around with childish-looking toy guns, I suggest you give it a try. I am sure you won’t be able to quit once you try.

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